Many J6ers have found out why they are treated differently than other inmates. Alex Sheppard sounds the alarm, but he is not the only one. Why is Congress doing nothing about this? Do they think that the Democrats will stop at J6ers? NO, THEY WILL NOT! There are coming after ALL conservatives one group at a time. Think about it, the quad s designation (ssss) was put on the boarding pass of an 8-week- old baby – the infamous Quiet skies, an anti-terrorism list!  Every person who went to DC on and prior January 6th are on it. This baby was not even born on J6, but he is the son of a J6er. What a thread to this nation this little one is!!! James O’Keefe was put on the list and reported about it. Prolife advocates are on it as well and some got 11 years of incarceration for picketing at an abortion clinic. They probably have the same terrorist label while they are in prison.

This is a silent war against ALL conservatives.

Hey Wendy,

Thank you for reaching out and thank you for all you are doing. My lawyer was told by the government that I would be designated to the Satellite Camp with about 150 people, but instead I was sent to the federal prison next door with 1,500 people. It is a USP that has been in the process of transitioning into a low security prison, as of 8 months ago. The conditions here are livable and I am doing just fine, but it is not where the government said I would go.

Today is day 27 for me. I raised hell for the first 20 days to figure out why I was not sent to the camp and why my emails are taking forever to send. I was finally brought aside by the Special Investigations Supervisor here and informed that I would at NO TIME be sent to the satellite camp because the government has designated me as a TERRORIST, and the two types of people who are never allowed at the satellite camp are child molesters and terrorists.

I told him that it must be some sort of mistake because there is nothing violent alleged in the charges against me, and the government had not confiscated a single weapon when they raided my house. The felony I was convicted of simply Obstruction. He told me that my report was specifically written by the counter-terrorism unit, which means there is no doubt that I have been labeled a domestic terrorist by this corrupt administration.

That gentleman at the prison also informed me that the reason my emails take weeks to send and receive is because they need to go through each and every one of them with a fine-tooth comb, to make sure I am not planning any terrorism. However, pedophiles and everyone else are able to send and receive emails every hour.

We are awaiting news on my appeal and praying for the best, but I am prepared to serve this whole sentence if need be.

If you would like, feel free to share the news about my designation as a terrorist, along with anything else in this update you think people will want to know.

I have been doing a lot of reading, including many of the classics, and I think I want to get into some Shakespeare next. If you are offering, I would love to have any of his works. I can receive books, they just have to be paperback.

To mail anything to me, the address is:
Alexander Sheppard, 31293-509
FCI Thomson
PO Box 1002
Thomson, IL 61285

Please tell everybody that I am in high spirits and I am praying for the other J6ers. As you know, many of them have been dealing with much worse conditions than those I have in this USP, and they have been dealing with those for much longer.

Thanks again for reaching out.

Talk soon,

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