This is the story of Jorge Riley. What an inspiration and still it makes you sad. Jorge, an army vet, was arrested in Sacramento, CA on 1/19/2021. He plead guilty to one count and Judge Mehta sentenced him to 18 months of prison and 24 months of supervised release. He started serving his sentence on 11/28/2023 and is currently at USP .

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Jorge traveled from California to Washington, D.C., to protest the blatant fraud that occurred during the 2020 presidential election. Jorge’s indisputable commitment to freedom was on display that day as he peacefully protested the subsequent installation of an administration that has sought to destroy our freedom and liberties.
Let’s take a moment to learn about Jorge Riley’s background. As a child, in the 3rd grade, he cared for his three younger siblings, overseeing adult tasks such as laundry, cooking, and general supervision – all after attending elementary school during the day. As a youth, he studied martial arts, and in high school, he joined Air Force AFJROTC while excelling in water polo.
Jorge knew from an early age that he would join the U.S. Military. When he turned 17, he joined the Army with his mother’s permission, and three weeks after graduation, he headed to Basic Training in Ft. Benning, GA.

He graduated as an E3 from AFJROTC service and held the position of Company Guidon Bearer; soon after that, he shipped to Ft. Campbell, KY. He was quickly sent to Recon and grew up as a Scout/Sniper. Jorge made a name for himself, was sent to the line, and became an M240b machine gunner. He spent time mainly as a squad leader and even received a special promotion, receiving his E4 rank after 18 months of service.

Jorge was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army in 2001 and returned to the civilian world as a highly decorated and permanently disabled veteran.

Jorge’s military training and the oath he pledged to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” heavily influenced his trip to Washington D.C. and his presence there on January 6th. When Jorge left the Army, he had no genuine support and had to look at himself and realize how injured he was from service.

While serving in the Army, Jorge’s back broke in three places, causing bulging discs that he still deals with today. Jorge was determined to use his GI Bill to find a career that would ideally allow him to sit at a desk. Being with no resources, he spent a while homeless, even living in the woods behind his college to be close to school and keep up with homework.
Eventually, Jorge saved up enough money to rent a room in a house, then later saved enough to rent a one-bedroom apartment near college. Jorge studied hard and helped others sign up for college and get through their classes; he assisted others so much that he was eventually elected student body president.

Jorge is the first person in his immediate family to graduate high school. He has since earned over five college degrees, with two more nearly complete, totaling almost 7 degrees.

Staying true to his commitment to freedom, Jorge has been a long-time conservative figurehead in the Sacramento, CA region. In 2008, Prop 8 was listed on the CA ballot, and the dispute over gay marriage began. One of Jorge’s colleagues in the student government wrote a resolution arguing that marriage was a sacred union between man and G-d and should not become tainted by homosexuality. Jorge fought to support the resolution and became demonized by the LBGTQRSTUV Community. Those on the side of G-d’s word made international news and were called controversial. When the Prop 8 election was over, Jorge was approached in favor by the Republican Party and given a seat at many of their different club tables.

Jorge worked hard and climbed the ladders until he was a State Delegate. He eventually became elected President of the Sacramento Republican Assembly. He sat on the State Board as the Corresponding Secretary for the Californian Republican Assembly (Christian Caucus).

When January 6th occurred, Jorge went to support President Trump and to defend his country from what he imagined may escalate into a Civil War. Jorge loves his country more than anything and believes that United States elections are fraud-ridden. After his involvement with January 6th, Jorge became heavily criticized for being a representative of the GOP. He was subsequently labeled “an Insurrectionist.”

The GOP demanded Jorge’s resignation on news stations across California. Soon after that, GOP leadership confronted him and asked him to resign. After being asked by multiple members of the Sacramento Republican Assembly to vacate his role, Jorge agreed and stepped down after speaking with the club.

This chain of events brings us to the present day, where Jorge has appeared twice in Federal court in Washington, D.C. He was sentenced to 18 months in Federal prison and will begin his incarceration on Nov. 28, 2023.

Jorge was not violent while in the U.S. Capitol. He went from room to room in the Capitol, praying with fellow Patriots for the fate of the United States. Jorge protected two women who were in danger of being crushed by a massive, chaotic crowd in a packed room. Jorge used his stature to shield the women from harm, even though he is disabled.

Jorge is a political prisoner and has a family, including his longtime girlfriend and their 1-year-old daughter. His unjust imprisonment is causing emotional strain and financial burdens for his family, most notably the heartache of being kept from his baby daughter during this extremely difficult time.

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Has been serving sentence for 4 days.

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