Edward Badalian    JAN 8, 2024
FDC Philidelphia

Sentenced to:
51 months in prison
36 months of probation
100 hours of community service
$2,225.00 Penalty

He is being held in isolation for what his councilor stated as an “incident” and said he couldn’t share with me any information about Edward’s situation. I’d have to wait the 15 days to hear from him because he only gets to make 1 call every 15 days. No one else there was clear on this and I heard both 15 & 30 days. It was the 18th day and it was Christmas. I called and talked to the command center and told them. “I am calling to talk to Edward Badalian. He was supposed to be able to call me on his 15th day in isolation and now it’s 18. It was our 4 year anniversary yesterday, it’s Christmas today, I have pneumonia and I’m alone today.” She responded “I don’t want to say that’s irrelevant, but it’s irrelevant.” I said “Well thank you, Merry Christmas..” and hung up. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or if that woman had a change of heart but Edward called me 2 hours later stating that he had an in prison hearing and they deemed him innocent of whatever went on the day he went in. That hearing was 10 days into him being put isolation. He told me “I shouldn’t be in here, I want out.” Edward is a respectful, kind, smart man who loves to socialize and they put him in a cell for 23 hours a day for the last 23 days. This is inhumane. I understand that he is not being physically abused like some of these other J6ers but he is enduring a great mental battle that will leave scars. He is a well loved man and I pray to God and trust that he knows what he’s doing by putting Edward through these trials and tribulations. Honestly, I am so proud of his attitude about all of this. He has held his head high and not forgotten that he is an innocent and righteous man. I am so thankful for that.

His case worker claims that after he’s done with his “punishment” that he should be transferred again and on his way to me here in California. That definitely doesn’t mean directly. More than likely he will have to go to Oklahoma which is the main transfer prison and I’m told that they all sleep in one huge room there. No cells. Less safety, it seems, as well. At least you can close your eyes in your cell knowing you only have to worry about your 1 cellmate. Then he will be transferred out to Lompoc I assume but that’s not ever something I can do, assume, in this situation or with the BOP.

First and foremost, please pray for Edward! After that, his family who loves him dearly & lastly I wouldn’t mind some prayers for my sanity in dealing with this insane system full of corruption. All the J6ers and their families are always in my prayers! I love our patiot family and how embraced I’ve been through the process. I could not have done this without you. Thank you a million times over.

God bless,

Kaylyn Frishkorn
Girlfriend of J6er Edward Badalian

Miss you, Baby !
We are going to get you out of there soon! All of you!