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Another way to disenfranchise and torture the J6 political prisoners is described by one of the J6ers detained at the Northern Neck jail. Please pray for each one of them and especially those whose trials are coming up soon. 

… email pods are such a pain to write on, both figuratively and literally! lol. I’m sure you heard about them, they are big bulky touch screen computers on the walls, like juke boxes at bars. I hear if I stay out of trouble I will get to move to a pod where I can get a tablet, which will eliminate the issues with the juke box messaging.

Although, like you said, I may be moving for trial, I hope I do anyway, Ethan and I both had our lawyers ask the judge to move us due to the unreasonable amount of time it takes for us to get there and back from a hearing in DC.

They wake us up around 230-300am, to take us to a big cell with other inmates also going to court, and “process” us out for the day, which can take 2-3 hrs. Then we get shackled up, hands, feet, waist, the whole 9, to sit in a mini bus for 2.5 hours. We get to DC, we are usually an hour early, so its like 8 am for a 930am hearing. We stay in various “bull pen” type cells where we go back and fourth to the court room as needed. When court is over, we wait in those cells until everyone that came with us is done court as well, and the bus is done dropping inmates off at Harrisburg, PA. The latter is what takes a while, that bus gets back usually around 4pm, then we proceed to get shackled back up to travel 2.5 hours back to NN. When we get back, there is the processing back in, which also conflicts with some daily administrative duties of the prison, like “count.” So, we have to wait hours in a small cell with many inmates until all that is done.

Of the 3 times I came back, the times I got back to my block ranges from 830pm, 930pm and 1130pm. Clearly, that is not reasonable to do everyday for 1 week, let alone the 6 weeks my trial will be.

I went on about this since you mentioned something about lawyers helping with things, if they dont move us, or dont move someone down the line for trial, hopefully this information helps, because it doesn’t seem legal at all.


You can read more about this at LaymanTerms1776

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