February 29, 2024

Hi Barbara ,
I got your letter today. No horrible-8 days. They definitely like to ensure it fits the name snail mail. I have lost all faith in our government & any institution ran by that corrupt government. One thing I’ve learned is most the people here don’t give 2 shits (sorry about the language) about us. Most of the guards in the units are decent but the business office & other – they don’t care. I’m not surprised about DC and what they go through. I feel fortunate to know we don’t have it even close to as bad as those guys. I will be so glad when this nightmare is over. I really think someday soon we are all going to have a J6 reunion. I hope that all those who wrote us & supported us will also be able to come. There are so many I want to hug & thank in person. Thank you for your insert. I loved so much of it. I even shared the jokes with my bunkies. We all had a good laugh. Sorry the letter is short – I have received a lot of mail today so have a lot of letters to write.
What part of Washington is Des Moines in. I love Washington. My bunkie to the left is from Bellingham. She is going home in July. Thank you again for your letter.
Love, Light & Truth,

Yvonne St Cyr

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