Hi Marie,

Thanks for writing me. It’s good to hear Daniel is out. I am still going to be here for a while, but I make the best of it. I have piles of writings of my experiences with not a clue how to put it in book form. I am a doer more than a writer.

I don’t know if I should find a ghost writer to send everything to or an editor or what. Regardless I stand strong. Always will. I am on a media block so it’s hard to get word out or even really keep up with current events other than fake news.

It’s incredible how crazy things are getting. Glad to see McCarthy gone but also sickening to see that the Rinos won’t do the right thing and put Jim Jordan in. Have you noticed how now that Israel is at war, now Ukraine is buried news? Such a scam.

It’s all in His hands anyway, I guess.

Please feel free to let others know I am alive and kicking and will come back stronger than ever.

Liberty and justice for all!

Big O

Richard Barnett

📬 Richard Barnett
FCI Seagoville
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 9000
Seagoville, TX 75159

🎂 5/14 🎂

Has been serving sentence for 298 days.

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