Dear Barbara, 2/22/23

Thanks for writing and for your support. It really does mean a lot. Know that I am keeping my head high and spirits are high. Things happen for a reason and I’ve learned not to fight it or get to upset about it. It usually only makes things worse. Since the beginning of the new year. I am calling 2023 the year of truth . Seems like everyday more and more truth comes to the light. Now that Kevin McCarthy handed over 44,000 hours of video to Tucker Carlson. I believe when Tucker starts rolling out what him and his team have found (really known about just now they have the proof). We the J6ers will be proven right that the so called “riot” was setup by the feds.

Trying not to get my hopes up to high because I have been down this road many times when big news comes out about Jan 6th but not much happens, but I will pray. I believe for there to be real change there must be real sacrifice, so weather this helps free me or not. The American people will still see the truth of what government did that day. Waking more and more people up to how evil they are. Which is worth the sacrifice.

Yes I’m back in DC, I was here over 15 months ago. Little has changed. I was moved because I had a hearing scheduled on Feb the 2nd but an hour before it was scheduled to start, It was canceled. Yay. But its ok. Like I said earlier. Things happen for a reason and there is a reason I’m back in DC. Why? That’s not yet known. Stay tune,

As always, thanks for writing and your support. Looking forward to your next letter. Till then, God Bless.

Thomas Ballard