Peter Schwartz

December 18th 2023


hello and thank you for both the letter and the funds! I needed both! (always – – LOL). It’s almost Christmas now. It’s hard to believe that, on Christmas, it’ll been three full years since I laid eyes on my family. It feels like it’s been 30 though. I miss them terribly! These are hard times.

It’s funny, (maybe not funny) that; for my entire life I’ve always known that the end times were near, and that I’d likely experience many of the horrors and evil that go along with that. But it was certainly a different scenario that I was preparing for!

Long ago, when Hannah Arendt introduced the idea of “the banality of evil”, people had no idea how prophetic that concept would be! I was never able to imagine it before these current times. In Revelation 3:8, it says of the Philadelphia church, (which is the period that we’re currently in), “I know that you have but little power”…and I never really understood what that meant, seeing as how we’re in the digital age, where you can type out a message to millions of people within seconds! But now I see it! I’m watching the change happen before my very eyes.

The stories I’ve heard about Jews, and Nazi Germany, willingly going into gas Chambers because they thought it was the right thing to do, used to be beyond my comprehension. The banality of evil. But now I’m witnessing it…. in real time.

For much of my life I believed that people.. even non-Christians… had a general moral compass inside of them that could, in some way, be shaken enough to bring them back to reality when they stray too far into evil. And, as individuals, living in a mostly moral society, (although not by God’s standard); people won’t generally remain outside of normal societal morals. But.. as a trance of a totalitarian mindset is sweeping across our nation, there’s no more checks and balances on the deviants of society. They see it as righteousness to villainize and cruelly punish anybody who deviates from the prevailing societal beliefs…which are decidedly not Christian!

These are those times. And when the Bible says that we have but little power; it means that even the righteousness of Christ’s light shining through us will have a little impact on a society that’s been turned over to reprobate minds.

No matter how loud we scream, nobody can hear!

God bless!

Peter Schwartz

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