Date: January 6th 2024

written by J6er:  Matthew J Webler (AKA QRUMB)

topic:  resolutions and living resolute

To make a resolution means that one is resolved to take an action, or set of, actions. We all know from experience at a resolution with no substance has no resolve and result in being relegated to the refuse heap like 99% of all other New Year’s resolutions. So, before sharing any otherwise empty resolution, it made me best for share the substance that gives resolve to my resolution.

During the early stages of last year I was very active writing letters, encouraging others in our community, and had big plans for the time after my release. I was laying the groundwork for that time but that all came to a sudden halt. I fell completely off radar and have been radio silent to all but a very select few. Even to them, I have been very distant over the last 9 months. The best way I can explain this sudden change is through job 33 :16, 17. ” Then he open up the ears of man, and seal it their instruction, that he may withdraw man from his purpose.:

the first part of verse 26 is literally true. Over the last few weeks, my ears have been almost completely opened. By opened I mean that the canal running from my nasal cavities to my ears have been draining and clearing so much that air openly moves through them. Right now, this is mostly from holding my nose and blowing out, but there have been little moments that show two Way flow can be expected once the process is complete. This produces a very high whistle that annoys others. I kind of like it.

This drainage are clearing does not seem to be limited just the ears, though. My sinuses are opening my tear ducts floor Air at times as well. What I’m discovering is this process occurs is that it appears that our auditory system is a far more intricate system than we ever realized.

I’m good clear occasion when all seems to be flowing air, the entire world changes. My skull becomes.. well, it becomes an auditorium. Sound resonates and I can hear in a Chris 3D that practically becomes site. It’s quite amazing. This is an extremely fresh and ongoing process that only gives brief glimpses of what to expect when complete. this experience is quite a welcome surprise to say the least. While all of this is nice, the true reason I chose these verses is because of what comes after the opening of the ears.

Around late March or early April of last year, something big happened in my heart and mine. Since that time, I’ve been shut away in my cell with a King James Bible and a strong concordance and have been devouring every last crime of truth that can be gleaned.

Well an onlooker may just see me with a Bible in the cell, I assure you that not one second for not one second have I been alone. I have been blessed with the gift of a very personal and exclusive instructor. During this time, my instructor has sealed off both myself and my instructions. He is withdrawn me from both the world in my own purpose. He has replaced that with one focus and one purpose. Learn the truth, absolute truth, from our creator, not the corrupted refuse passed office truth of this world. Once learn, Go and sing it from the mountain tops.

partial truth is a non-existent mythological creature. Partial truth is the lie.. this is the main reason for my being withdrawn from the world during my instruction. Until my instruction is complete, what I’m learning cannot be shared, which I find very frustrating. That being said, the seal around me and my training is beginning to show some cracks. It is weakening. I am being given some lead and allowed to slowly go forth into the world.

I will soon begin to send off topic letters for my training and lay a foundation for the rest to come forth at a later time. I can share some facts and things I have learned of the bible, our map, but that will be very limited for now.

To wrap up the first official letter from a resolute desk – big house edition. We want to let you and the rest of the world know that we are truly firmly resolute in both our focus and purpose to learn and share the truth. When my teaching will be complete, I cannot say, but rest assured, when it is finished, darkness will be brought into the light.

Resolutely, QRUMB led bread AKA Matthew J Webler.

Matthew Jay Webler

📬 Matthew Jay Webler
FCI Edgefield
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. BOX 725
Edgefield, SC 29824

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