Matthew Webler “Qrumb”

Written from his jail cell – Letter dated 2/6/24

An Open Letter for President Trump

Good Afternoon Sir,
The last several evenings here in Edgefield, South Carolina have been spent drafting a letter describing this Resolute Desk 2.0; The “Beg House” Edition we are presently working from. Before we address the nation, however, priority dictates that we address you concerning the circumstances that have brough this wonderous desk to Light.
It was January the Sixth, Twenty-Twenty One, Matthew Jay Welber forty seconded birthday. It was also forty years to the date that he had last been in our Nations Capital. (He was born at Langley Air Force Base and his father left the air force, driving through Washington D.C. on his way out on his second birthday>) According to F.B.I. reports, he can be heard on video, while in our Capitol building, stating “this is my birthday and it’s the best birthday ever.”
Despite all that has happened since those words still ring true. To tell this part of the story we need to backtrack just a bit though.
During your speech on the sixth, at the ellipse, Mr. Webler was positioned by the “Knee Wall” at the Washington Monument. He was listening to you as well as observing the crowd and goings on around him.
Near the end of your speech, you stated that you were going to March with us to the Capitol to peacefully exercise our First Amendment Rights and let our voices be heard. The second you said this, Mr. Webler observed a significant change in the crowd. A very large portion of the attendees exited the throng and started briskly heading in the direction of the Capitol. Most of these people were dressed like militants and/or had on backpacks, and it seemed almost as if your words were a preplanned go signal for them. This, however, was not something Mr. Welber took note of until after the fact. At that time, Mr. Webler was of the opinion that everyone was leaving to get ahead of the crowd and jockey for a position closer to you and he noted it on video that is preserved on the cloud somewhere. He was only half right in this assessment.
After you made that statement, however, instead of wrapping up the speech you continued to ramble on and on and on. To those of us that know you well there was something off about this. Off or much so that it prompted one of those around Mr. Webler to voice what everyone was feeling. “Somethings off about his speech, Somethings wrong” he said. To this Mr. Webler immediately replied, “He’s stalling.” Everyone in the area agreed but none had any clue just how right Mr. Webler was. A good while later, you wrapped up your speech and Mr. Webler joined the throng headed to our Capitol. The [rest] as they say is history.
Mr. President, it may not have been visible then but in hindsight it is as clear as a crisp mountain morning after a snowfall that you were stalling because you were holding your people, true Americans, back.
You were placing a hedge around us. You were setting us apart (sanctifying) from the bad evil actors, the infiltrators that were amongst us. We know now that you had intelligence of exactly what was planned by the enemy that afternoon. We also know that the only way to defeat the enemy we are fighting is to let it defeat itself. That means, they had to be allowed to play out, at least in part, what they had planned. You knew that we were infiltrated both in the crowd and inside the capitol itself. You also know that these infiltrators had plans to make the sixth far uglier and bloodier that it was.
Their plans didn’t go according to plan because you held us back. The ones that were there to support you and hear what you had to say stayed and listened. Those there with bad intentions had no interest in your words and identified themselves when bolting out early. This kept us away from any “breeching” that was done by the play actors. This action also split the crowd greatly limiting the effects of “mob mentality.” Eventually, however, you had to release us to go and join the throng.

You knew that many of us were unknowingly marching off to become cannon fodder in forlorn hope. It had to be one of the hardest things you have ever done. It was more than likely the sole contributor to your reported foul words immediately after and in the months following the Sixth of January Twenty-Twenty One. Sir, I am some of that cannon fodder. I lost everything. My wife, son, dog, everything.
I want you to know that it is ok. I wouldn’t change a thing. I would do it again a thousand times over.
This is not easy by any means. We are often lonely and heartbroken. Sometimes we are just plain weary and there have been many moments of anger as well. I shamefully confess, I have spent many moments railing at both you and our creator. It is not anger over the loss but anger over being kept in the dark for so long yet still expected to perform. It is totally justifiable anger and is better to let out then to keep in but at the same time would have been addressed in a far better way than I have. I apologize for that sir.
Despite wanting to many times, we have neither quit nor turned our backs. We get up every morning and soldier on. We work to learn, grow and better ourselves in every way we know how while here so that when we coon rejoin the fray, we will be far better equipped soldiers.
That Sir is why Qrumb Led Bread is hard at work studying the Map (Bible) and our Constitution. (How many are aware that our Constitution is actually multiple Constitutions hidden in plain sight in that one document?)
That sir is what has brought this wonderous Resolute Desk 2.0: – “Big House” Edition to the Light of Day.
That Sir, is why Qrumb, who is also called by the name of that monumental Day: J6 (Jay Six) and who was Matthew Jay Webler is sitting at our desk awaiting our orders. We are anticipating release sometime within the next six weeks or so but are not totally sure of this yet. If that happens, we plan to run for United States congress in either Downtown Atlanta right under CNN’s nose or in the Shadows of Stone Mountain because it would be nice to be the one to tip Hank Johnson’s Island over into the ocean. Our plans are very fluid at the moment however because we know that something far different may be in store for us. Until the time comes that we get those orders, we will stay at this desk and keep plotting the map.
Bless you Sir and Bless America,
Qrumb Led Bread

P.S. Included with this letter is a signed piece of this desk of ours fashioned from 96 roll Resolute Tissue Toilet paper rolls. (Your tissue is worse than what it replaced BTW, worst ever) This also a crude rendering, we are not artist, of this desk. It is our hope that both of these items along with this original letter find it’s way to you.
Within the next forty-eight hours there will also be a follow-up letter with a key to all off the numbered pieces of the desk in the rendering. The intent is for that letter to be the foundation or launchpad so to speak for us to take off and build from.
Finally, release is fast approaching and is where we will be starting from. What the future holds in unknow but with what has been learned going back to life as usual is an impossibility. I was a carpenter, and an HDD (Horizontal Directional Building) owner/operator previously but we are all but certain our physical labor time has passed. We also know that we cannot sell this knowledge we use uncovering/ bring forth in the form of books. It must be free to all. That means that we must learn to live off donations from the wonderful people of this country while we are exalting the valleys, making the Mountains and Hills low, and clearing the land. We don’t need much. Enough for a cheap R.V. and a few thousand a month after that should be more than enough. Being stationary is not desirable and mobile living is far cheaper. Our hope is that we produce over the remainder of our stay here, should prove this a beyond reasonable request.
For all interested in helping our Give Send Go HTTPS://
Once again thank you Sir and all of America,
Bless you all,

And almost forgot the tradition of closing our letters with a song. We have another one in mind but in honor of the Patriotic American Toby Keith’s recent passing we’re going American Soldier in Honor of all those regular and irregular soldiers that sacrificed so much for all of us.
God Bless America.

Matthew Jay Webler

📬 Matthew Jay Webler
FCI Edgefield
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. BOX 725
Edgefield, SC 29824

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