Dear Barbara, 12-5-2023

Hello and thank you for the letter and yes I like misallaneous items and the poetry.
I like Robert Kennedy JR. He has been anti-vax for a long time. I have two kids with autism and he was one of the first ones to link autism to child hood vaxxes. I think the Democrats made a mistake not letting him be on their ticket. But it will all work out to our favor in the end I think.
Did I tell you what I think Biden shoulo do?
What his “people”
should tell him to do with all the
‘new” Jan. 6th footage that came out is pardon us all. As far as his running for re-election goes it would be good if he did. #1. It would show the American people that he is willing to fix a wrong.
#2. He would beat Trump to the punch and he would be the good guy for once. And #3. It would force us Jan. 6ths to admit he is ideed the president.
If i was him i’d jump on it and get us home for this christmas… I know it will never happen but it sounds good. I’ve still got my appeal and a Trump pardon coming anyway, just gotta wait another year or so. As far as the appeal goes not even that long.
I hear that Hunter Biden got three years of probation for his lieing on a gun application.
But there are still on going investigations for other things happening too.
I was informed the other day that I will be on one of the next two buses out of here and
I will in fact be going to a medeum security
prison and out of this maximum security one. So thats good.

I can’t get it out of my mind, Jeremiah 29: 11-14.
It’s been speaking to me. I have a picture of Trump in a church praying and I love it. It hangs on my wall in my cell.
I also have one maple leaf next to that picture. It is the christmas tree this year. Ok I guess I’ll let you go for now. If
we dont hear back from each other before-hand, I hope you and your family and friends have an awesome christmas.

God bless,

Your frend, Markus Maly #83302-509

When I was a little kid, 4 and 5 I lived in Kirkland Seattle
across the street from Alexander Gram Bell
elementry school. My family and I were out
there when Mt. Saint Helens erupted as a matter
of fact. Thought I would through that out there
because I know your kinda close to that.

Have a great day!

Markus Maly

📬 Markus Maly
FCI Bennettsville
Federal Correctional Institution
PO Box 52020
Bennettsville, SC 29512

Incarcerated since 1/26/2022
or 766 days.

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