31 Jul 23
Day 7 in the Hole
Day 64 as a political prisoner
Days to freedom – unknown

Dear Barbara,
Thank you as always for writing me. Your letter reached me at a dark time. On Tuesday they threw me in the hole and will not tell me why. They only say I am under investigation. Please call your Congressman and the commandant of this Gulag and ask him why a Political Prisoner under his care is in the hole when he broke no rules. Seriously I can’t think of a single rule I have not obeyed to the letter. If you are linked to the J6 sites please let them know about this as well. Please pray for me to be released from the hole and my felony to be struck down.

They photo-copied your letter as it was on yellow paper so I couldn’t see the right side of your sentences. When you were at White Sands did you go visit the Trinity site? I was at Alamogordo for Lead-in Fighter Training but I never went there. Sorry to hear that Patriots are still being tormented by this two-tiered and corrupt legal system, but that is the current state of our country. I have very little hope that justice will ever be done in DC.

The verses you sent and all the poems were very well timed also, especially Psalm 119:84–88. Hopefully new stuff I sent before I was locked in the hole is on my Twitter page. I think it is @larrybrockjr… I look forward to seeing The Sound of Freedom when I am freed from this Gulag and I am glad to hear you are donating to his organization. I will close for now.

God bless you, your family, President Trump, and God bless America.

From envelope: These are the times that try mens’ souls.

LTC Larry Brock
Political Prisoner
Springfield Gulag
Letter from the hole
3 Aug 23

Larry Brock

Larry Brock
MCFP Springfield
Federal Medical Center
PO Box 4000
Springfield, MO 65801