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Dear Barbara, July 6, 2023
Day 29 … 391 remaining.

THANK YOU for your letter. So if your father was not allowed to leave the country, he probably worked on ICBMs. I did not realize 75% of political prisoners of the corrupt and illegitimate Biden regime were military, but it does not surprise me. Yes, it is very sad to see America with a selected President and careening towards communism and our departure as a nation from faith in God is the primary cause. Did you watch the movie Nefarious? It was very good and I think you will like it. It deals with demonic possession. I agree that our nation is need of a great awakening, and I am a Christian, confident my name is in the Book of Life.

All the best,
LTC Larry Brock
Political Prisoner

Larry Brock

📬 Larry Brock
MCFP Springfied
Po Box 4000
Springfied, MO 65801

Has been serving sentence for 86 days.