Kyle Fitzsimons

October 14th 2023

Dearest Barbara,

hello from sunny Florida! Thank you for that lovely collection of Mary and rosary themed material, it made for some good reading. I was pleased with Shane’s sentence, the doj was seeking 19 years and he ended up with less time than I got. He has been using this time inside productively and I wish him luck in the organization he has helped crop up surrounding us and our advocates.

Barbara! Thank you! I saw a deposit on my books under LEVICH and I know there could be little doubt it was you, my faith filled letter writer! You don’t know what a relief that was for me to see. I need to purchase things like sneakers and shorts and t-shirts and that will all be possible now. You rock!

Yes, I did see how there is trouble in the holy land. My hope is that it ends quickly and it does not drag too many other players into it. I saw that McCarthy was ousted as speaker and since he didn’t release the j6 tapes I cannot say I am upset over that. Maybe we see Trump put in that role? Maybe he initiates impeachment of the administration?

The prison here is so much different than the DC jail. lots of freedom of movement and choice. No orange clothes either! The uniform is green pants, a brown T-shirt and brown button up shirt. Looks very military. The grounds are laid out like a college campus surrounded by razor wire. There are no locked doors here and the dorms remind me of a gym set up to house refugees from a natural disaster. I’ve been exercising and losing weight while getting plenty of sun.

My parents each live an hour away and have been approved to come visit. I hear there’s an ice cream vending machine at visitation so I am doubly excited to see someone come see me. After so long only being able to partake and celebrations of Faith with no more than two to three people / attended Mass here for the first time last week. There was a choir with music and so many men, it was overwhelming to feel part of a congregation again. The Catholic mission here has taken the name our “Lady of Hope” and that date on the church calendar happened to fall on a date of veneration for Mary. That Saturday service was the same day you penned and sent your letter.. coincidence?

My daughter Holly is enrolled in a dance / tap clients and she has to braid her hair in french braids for those. I cannot wait to get some photos of her and her hairdo, she is so beautiful. I enrolled in a parenting class and other programming here and I hope that my time goes quickly. I really hope that Trump returns and set things right, but maybe that is too much to ask for. This experience has allowed for me to have my eyes open to so much dysfunction and addressing it seems to have become a duty.

Barbara, thank you for your continued prayers and support, God bless you!  I’ll part with a question, you wrote a Latin phrase at the close of your letter. The word “quod”  is new to me, I have heard however the phrase “deus vult” – what is the difference? I never got to celebrate mass in latin, I feel like I missed out on a language lesson!

Kyle Fitzsimons

Kyle Fitzsimons

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