Joshua Dillon Haynes

October 7th 2023

Dear Barbara,

I just received your latest letter. As always thank you for continuing to write to me. It’s nice to hear from you again. I pray this letter finds you well. Not sure why the postmark on my letters in Pittsburgh. I know that the local news stations come out of Pittsburgh. Perhaps that is my region. I’m not sure.

I agree that Justice for the Bidens seems to be delayed or nonexistent. But I have faith that their time will come. The Bible tells us that all things done in the dark will be exposed in the light.

I met Stewart Rhodes. We were in the regional Jail in Virginia together and we sat side by side in the transport van that took us from that jail to Harrisburg Pennsylvania to be dispersed to various Federal facilities. We spent the several hour ride engaged in conversation. He is a good man who in no way deserved 18 years. He’s a patriot and I pray that once reelected, Trump’s pardon of all J6ers will see him and all others set free. I was glad that he went to Cumberland. It is a camp, the lowest security level. I was supposed to go there, but the feds in the left wing Obama appointed judge that I got (Tanya Chutkin, the same judge Trump has in his DC documents and j6 case ) really stuck the boots to me. But thanks to the support of great Patriots and friends, like yourself, the love of my wonderful family and my faith in our living god, I have survived. And as of today I am 5 months (just 149 days) from the door.

I am familiar with Nordean. I was hooked up with the proud boys, thanks to my activism at Trump rallies in November 2020 in December 2020, previous to January 6th. You are right, they are good men and true patriots. I know Tarrio as well. Another miscarriage of Justice was heinously perpetrated against him.

I’m with you, I never took the shots either. I, in no way, trusted them and always thought that they were nefarious intentions behind them. And I think that goes without saying that our government is inherently evil. I recently heard that satanic which, Hillary clinton, again bashing Trump supporters in a televised interview. She said that we are all in a cult and need to be formally deprogrammed. I wish you would try. She is literally one of the worst women alive. Her time will come and I can’t wait until she finally gets what she has had coming for a long long time.

I very much enjoyed your quotes and selections included in your letters. I am always thankful for the uplifting and inspiring messages contained in your correspondences. I will close for now, but again thank you so much for continuing to write, for your support and kind words and most of all for your friendship. I look forward to hearing from you again and pray that until that time our good Lord blesses and keeps you.

PS glad to hear Wolfie is being well taken care of. Pets are a gift from God !

sincerely, your friend,

Joshua Dylan Hayes

Joshua Haynes

📬 Joshua Haynes
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