Thank you so much for your awesome letters! I love the picture of you and Wolfie, so
cool. That cracks me up about the birds and rabbits. Birds are brutal! I saw a magpie kill 2
baby rabbits this morning. There was nothing I could do to save them. Damn circle of life. As
for the dogs, Belford is about as big as he will likely get. He is already adopted, so that is 6
dogs for me. No more. I am in a new position, “observer.” I help with all the dogs and train new
trainers. My cells isn’t in the program but he did enjoy when I brought the puppy around. As a
matter of fact, everyone around here loved it. The dogs really brighten peoples days here. Also,
I fought and got my out date moved up to next month. I’ll head to a Montana halfway house. If
you want to stay in touch with how things are going, you can leave a phone # or email since
I’m not sure how long I’ll be at my next address or kicked to home confinement. Again, thank
you so much for all of your support! Also, how was Tucson with your husband’s cousins? Was
it blooming and nice to visit? I’m jelly seeing all the people out there enjoying the weather. I’ll
be doing it soon too. God bless you!
Your friend,
Josh Hughes

Joshua Hughes

📬 Joshua Hughes
FCI Engelwood
Federal Correctional Institution
9595 West Quincy Avenue
LIttleton, CO 80123

🎂 9/29 🎂
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Has been serving sentence for 367 days

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