Political Prisoner #376520
Jessica Watkins

Dear Katelyn,
Thank you for writing me! Haha , I forgot about that letter. I wrote so many I forget things sometimes Yeah; I still like my oatmeal with coffee to this day! The 1st sergeant and “o types” Officer’s probably didn’t appreciate us packing into the TOC to abscond with their coffee, but nobody stopped us haha! You’d think war is all PTSD, danger and such but honestly there are some memories I cherish. The base we were in (FOB) was surrounded by a minefield, right? Well, we used to barter with the “Haji” kids trading MRE’s and such for trophies…using slingshots! No Joke!
We picked some from a small bazaar while on patrol, and we’d lob food/candy and such over the mine field to the kids and they’d send money wrapped around rocks or coins and things. Trading over land mines with sling shots, That’s a fun memory. We made a pizza over, using rocks. Haji vendors used to sell a trash bag of “Haji bread “ for like a $1 per bag, all hot and fresh full of rocks or beard hair. Gotta pick out the “problems” but it was good bread, flat- round- and chewy… delicious! We took the spaghetti MRE and put it on the Haji bread, put the “squeeze cheese” over it, and viola! PIZZA! Stone baked pizza! I still have pictures of us cooking our bread on that oven haha! Anyway, yeah… war wasn’t all bad. Boring sometimes too. You know,. until it isn’t. It’s all fun and until someone starts shooting. Boring or fun… until it isn’t. I have never been so tired in my life as I was in Afghanistan. We did a LOT of walking and where I was at on the Pakistan border, the mountains were HUGE !
Afghanistan was stunning. If it weren’t full of psychopath trying to kill me Id buy a vacation home, there. (Sorry I’m dyslexic) Anyway, I figured that if you like my “Afghanistan Oatmeal” story, you, might get a kick out of a few other positive moments from my deployment. Anyway, thank you for writing to me Katelyn! Feel free to write to me anytime! I like to write folks and I’m not going anywhere, anytime soon, Unfortunately ☹️
God Bless You Katlyn, and God Bless America!
Political Prisoner #376520
Jessica Watkins
The state of the union is in a few hours, McCarthy should hold a “red balloon” in the background while Biden lies.
You should move, find a Trump Street to live on. Nobody likes Clinton, haha! Actually … well… Jeffery Epstein did, but the Clinton crime family made sure he never testified.