B. Balatico,  12-13-2021

Thank you for your warm card. I try to write everyone who sends me awesome cards & letters of hope. So. Every day here is a repeat of the day prior. Only things change are my plant (is growing steadily, my last plant didn’t fare so well. I told H how long I was going to be here, & H died) & the idiot guards trying hard to trip us up with their daily bullshit of racial slurs, random cell shakedowns, lock us in our cells 24/1 48/1 72/1 on & on. There is so much going on it’s unreal. The local media is so liberal H will show flowers, weather, railroad transit issues, weather, fuzzy animals, how great Biden, weather, on & on & on . This facility breeds hate & radical Islam! Oh? What? Want to know more? “The Final Call” by Louis Farrakhan. White hate, anti Semite, anti-America, radical Islam, on & on. This news release is a driving factor to our treatment. I’ve told my Biden loving, hard left, cute as hell legal TM I’ve, or am, now changing. New TM John Kiyonaga xxx-xxx-xxxx. Give them a shout out! Make sure they know who I am. Since, if convicted, fully charged I face 50 yrs 250K fine. That’s pretty much a death sentence.

Mr. Henry and Mrs. Young xxx-xxx-xxxx don’t seem to think or feel I need bond or the longer I stay the better off I am. WTF!? Like I’ve said “Oh Jeff you’re such an alarmist. He he he…” Oh shit? I guess I have to run 47 people over killing, to get an offer for bond. My judge Mr. Nichols “You are the worst thing this country has ever seen”. Bond denied. I served this country 22 yrs Army, 9 years working for the State & CIA without question. Anyway – call or text my children, Davis & Paige xxx-xxx-xxxx. Tell them I’m sorry, tell them I miss them.

 Jeffrey McKellop
Correctional Treatment Facility
1901 D St. SE
Washington DC 20003

Incarcerated since 3/15/2021
or 693 days.