Howard Richardson
Dated 12/6/22 and received on 12/8/22

Dear Lydia,
Just got your newsletter, received your more personal letter last Thursday. Both Helpful, timely and chock full of info only gotten here! YES, PLEASE SHARE with ministries of Julia Green and Really to whoever you think would enjoy & benefit from. Glad you enjoyed my segment on propaganda!! So many people would be more astute of what is going on and wiser in all their dealings if they understood the sinister ways of these propagandists!
Your insight on the “Red Wave” was so revealing this was such a hard thing, this incarceration, but overtime I know that so much has been exposed on corruption at the highest levels! It’s Painful, but it’s also so powerfully revealing. More than that its showing God’s Plan of so decisive he will be overall this as he deals with Evil in the Harshest Way!
Great analogy using the Lottery Rat Race, how concise and organized they are compared to our sacred right to vote system. Compiling your lists of the non-Trumpers will put the spotlight on a few certain people. I assume the scoreboard of Trump 232-22 are reflecting Trump backed candidates that won!!
Here’s a guy, Trump, that had a pretty sterling record as President. And all the while fighting people who supposedly were on his side gets cheated out of his re-election and at age 75 wants to come back and do it again. A billionaire to boot, great wife, great family the works! How many would do that in a similar position! NONE THAT’S WHO! I pray for him and his family every day. That stat on Dems controlling 18 states is that by having power in one county alone or does it mean the states are blue because of having one more county than the red/conservatives have. To be continued! Yes the investigations must go forward, there are no more EXCUSES, they control all the committee.
Thanks for the X22 report, have heard good things about it.
Derek Johnson was just mentioned by Linda last week. And the NY Times agrees with him! I guess that’s good! 55 Comps what’s that, is it comparisons what am I not understanding, is it compliments. I did not see the speech!
World news is pretty much the same. Most of the are in one Big Concentration Camp. Its awful! Its only America and a few others that have a sustainable system that worth preserving.
The Borders are one of the most obvious indicators of the agenda of the Bidens and rest of the Liberal Scum! Yes, we are definitely being Invaded! The only difference is there not carrying Ak-47’s.
If able get the book, “Invasion” Michelle Malkin, trying to remember her name, came out in 1999, this has been going on for a long time! It only subsided when Trump was there with his policies and fences!
I have been saying this for a long time, regarding your paragraph on the F.B.I unless the Military Intervenes or Trump is restored. The corruption is so vast and deep, it will take either a figure put on center stage by GOD HIMSELF or literally he moves into the White House to set things in order. There’s going to be a battle, read the “Declaration of Independence” the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th sentences tell ALL FREEMEN what to do “throw off such government” Will they leave peacefully, I think not! Something has to GIVE and move soon or I fear an ugly, bloody removal of the blood sucking criminals is inevitable! I hope it’s the former and not the later! People have had enough! How much longer Lord, How much longer! I’m going to close out I’m tired and its late. Thank You for your research on the SS Check issue, Just one more example of the evil going on. I pray that Richard is doing well, and his condition is totally manageable. Ok, Look forward to your next exciting letter. Please GOD take all the unforgiveable suffering from our Country!! THE TRUTH IS COMING!
God Bless You, Always