Since this letter, Greg was attacked by gang members and was taken to the hospital.

Hello Lydia
tThank you for the update.
I pray we all go home soon as life in prison is terrible. Did the republicans start to investigate J6 yet? Did they arrest Ray Epps? Why is it that people who had evil plans of going into the capital get zero time and the patriots who were caught up in the moment and let their emotions get the best of them get tossed away like a bag of chips! Thank you for writing me and adding me. I am a musician and produce and record my music. I am in prison because I tossed water out of capitol uni (?). I am next to murderers, rapists and more because I tossed water. My Instagram is @Greggbeereel. I hope to continue music and change lives. I look forward to you cooking lot. I have a givesendgo in my Instagram link in my bio, I don’t know if it is still there. Please let me know if it is or not. I hope people start demanding us to be released. Until the people stand up things will not get done. Your vacation sounds nice m. I can only wish to see a beach right now. My dad is in the hospital right now for a blood clot in his lungs “the vaccine” I have seen my best friend die in a car crash, one broke his neck, they got thrown from the car. one smashed her face so hard that when they removed the window, her face peeled with it, and I saw my best friend, take his last breath and found out he was gasping for air cause his lungs collapsed. My life has not been easy, and my mom almost died from a heart attack. Please share my story again thank you. ❤️
Greg Rubenacker.

📬 Greg Rubenacker
Federal Correction Institution
P.O. Box 1000

Has been serving sentence for 268 days.