May 29, 2023

Hello Rebecca, Sarah and all the rest of the clan;

I hope you all are doing well, as for myself, I guess I am doing alright. I am quite disappointed in my current situation, even though I am in a half-way house in Birmingham, Alabama. I am about 60 miles from my home. Maybe things will get better, given a little more time. I certainly hope so, because, what has been accomplished toward putting my life back together is zero.

I have been here for three weeks now and they haven’t even got around to assigning me a case manager. Any request you make must go through your case manager. Rarely is the meal anything more than a sandwich and some kind of chips. The sandwich always leaves a lot to be desired.

There is no commissary here, so if you any good food. You have to get your family to bring it. There is no way to exercise here. No recreation park like we had at Jesup. No library, no computers like at Jesup. There is a dress code, however some people still wear their trousers down to where half of their rears exposed. They expect everyone to get a job within the first few weeks, then you MUST give the house 25% of every dollar you get, even bonuses.

I don’t know if I will ever get to go home under house arrest, but on January 15th, 2024, If I am alive, I get to go home. I will close now.

My most sincere appreciation to your wonderful family for your love and support over these past years and months. May our Heavnely Father bless you daily.

With Love & Respect Always, Lonnie