Flag: United States on Google Noto Color Emoji 15.0 Dear America,  Flag: United States on Google Noto Color Emoji 15.0
I’ve always heard the phrase history repeats itself. I guess in a lot of ways that is true. NONE have been more prevalent to me than the socialist coup of our great Republic. It always seems to lurk in the shadows of some politicians, taking little bites out of our constitution, isolating, and condemning our natural history, while praising its failed philosophy. It publicly highlights our historical mistakes while ignoring our present day triumphs.

It continues to show up on our shores with a total sense of redundancy. It re-labels our political stances. It re-brands our institutions utilizing them to promote their ideology by concealing their means and distorting ours.

There is no greater example of this than the ideological war of the early 1900s by these socialist engineers. In fact, their corrupt dark work is at play at this very moment in time. An overwhelming majority unknowingly do their dirty work. Every time they, without malice, refer to a Great Republic as a “democracy”.

In 1905, about 100 people created a group called: “Intercollegiate Socialist Society”, better known as the ISS. This group of political tricksters would be jointly led by 2 men. Harry W. Laidler and Noman Thomas. The sole purpose of this organization was to push socialism through our land and chip away at the moral fabric of our nation. Some of the very first moves of these socialist pundits was to establish ISS chapters at mostly all major colleges and to indoctrinate public influencers such as politicians, TV personalities, movie stars, and radio hosts. Their underlying goals was what Socialism’s goal is and always will be, to give the government control of all the means of production such as factories, mines, farms, natural resources, along with all avenues of distribution. The ISS even produced a catchy slogan “Production for use, not for profit”, thus making their hidden agenda to collapse America’s free market economy by ways of collapsing America herself.

They took to their podium in front of their congregations of brainwashed college students who hung unto their every falsified words that the American public was inherently bad, and the only way to payback society, for the missteps of the past that they, for being Americans, were responsible for, was to give up their God-given rights to property, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.

And now, we find ourselves here again, only magnified 100 times. They not only infiltrated our colleges, but now our elementary schools where they have been grooming our/your children with false ideology, such as critical race theory, and gender identity. So they serve in their army of other mindless drones. They censor or cancel opposing free speech. They use labels such as “racist” and “fascist” as general passcodes for their armies to activate and attack. They have moved on to movies, media, and news anchors who claim “their democracy” is under attack. We the people look to save and restore our Republic for which it stands, with one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. A Republic who provides equal rights, not provides equal things.

The easiest way to take down a nation is to first poison its youth

📬 Barry Ramey

Northern Neck Regional Jail
PO Box 1060
Warsaw, VA 22572
    🎂 10/26 🎂

As of Today Incarcerated since 4/21/2022 or 231 days.