Dear Lori, this letter is a doozie. Sorry, lol. Buckle up.

Thank you for writing again! I love the pictures you sent. I put them up in my cell, along with the ones of Micki, Nicole REFFITT and the others. When I look at them, you all are like a fan club in my cell, lol. Sorry, I haven’t written in a while. I was in trial, but I’m sure you know that. What a joke! (Not a funny one either.) I tell you everything, so wait until your hear what happened! My case/trial is a scandal of epic proportions! But we’ve been completely ignored. The whole conservative movement turned their back on us,  and hung us out to dry. I feel betrayed, and you’ll see why.

So, five of us were on trial for: seditious conspiracy, conspiracy to obstruct Congress, conspiracy, obstruction of Congress, destruction of government property. I was also charged with civil disorder, and they were charged with obstruction of justice for deleting text messages. All five of us were facing life in prison, because seditious conspiracy + destruction = Terrorism. Life. 

OK, so that’s what we went into trial facing. They wanted me to take a Plea Deal for seditious conspiracy, obstruction and destruction, for 20+ years. I am innocent, so I told them to shove their Plea Deal where the sun don’t shine. Trial it is. Our trial was a sham from the beginning. A trial is supposed to be fair by a jury of our peers. Set aside the fact that our jury was (no doubt) 100% Democrat, when we defendants were 100% Republicans. Well, 80%, Kenny doesn’t vote. Clearly, the jury was biased, but there’s more. Four out of the five of us are combat veterans. You’d think VETERANS would be our peers. Well, so did the prosecutors. The prosecution systematically cut every single veteran from our jury pool. Our jury consisted of Black Lives Matters and Pro Choice Activists, journalists, people who work at the Capitol, friends of prosecutors (or liberal judges). No veterans allowed. Let that sink in,  because it’s important later.
From the beginning of trial was an obvious witch hunt. They couldn’t seem to get their story straight. Their “theory” about what our intentions were changed daily. First we “wanted to overthrow the government”, then it was “a plan to obstruct the peaceful transfer of government, then it was “a plan branch to obstruct the peaceful transfer of power”, then it was to “occupy Washington DC with a paramilitary force”, then it was “…well there was no plan… but they seized an opportunity to oppose the government by force. Spoiler alert, all those theories are wrong. Even our jury was confused. And that’s the least of the problems.

It was a matter of fact, so many messages were sent that if you click “print”, they would fill 5,000 pages. Out of hundreds of thousands of (exculpatory) messages, they cherry picked maybe 50 which they then mixed and matched those messages with political speech like “Nancy Pelosi sucks”, or “Joe Biden is a Chi Com puppet” . So in order to paint this picture, they needed to use messages from strangers online, or memes (jokes) to make it seem like we had some scheme. So if Defendant X tells random guy Y that he “has an AR. 15 and 300 rounds of ammo”, then you mix that message with a meme from defendant Z that says “Joe Biden is a corrupt pervert”. Aha! Clearly, they must want to shoot Joe Biden! When  in reality, all these messages span time from over 2 months between strangers that have never met or ever chatted with online. Strangers! But they used memes, messages, and comments on Facebook like a box of hundreds of thousands of Legos. The prosecution picked 50 Legos and used them to build any theory they wanted, mixing them with unrelated -unconnected from reality entirely. They did this for WEEKS; depending a shock valve to scare the jury. That’s the least of their dirty tricks. They got desperate and began to outright LIE under oath about us, or events. I have a list 3 pages long of lies, told by the FBI- under oath- at the behest of the prosecution. Not manipulation of facts. Lies. Falsehoods

It doesn’t end there. Then they fabricated evidence. When they did not have evidence, they simply created it! They created a document – Excel spreadsheet – showing my “call log”, phone calls between me and another Defendant (Tom Caldwell). The problem is, those phone calls never happened! I caught them on it, and we exposed it, but then they doubled down. Then they said that me and Tom had a 26 second conversation during the assault on the Capitol. Nope! He called, and I didn’t hear it. It was a missed call! They change the time, call durations from other times, copy/pasted, altered everything slightly, and voilà! Conspiracy created out of thin air. The reality? No phone calls ever occurred. Not one!

That’s not all! They showed pictures of my deer hunting rifle to the jury (a Remington 700). They know damn well I didn’t have a deer hunting rifle, it never left Ohio! They paraded in my paintball gun through the courtroom. I didn’t bring a paintball gun. When I was in the army, I was an Airborne Ranger. So naturally, I have a ranger flag hanging in my house. My friend knows I fought in Afghanistan, with the Army Rangers (I was first Battalion), so he gave the flag to me as a present. This is how manipulative and devious they are. So when the FBI raided my house, they unpinned one end of my RANGER flag,  and let it dangle, so only the ER in RANGER was visible. Beside my Ranger flag, were three airsoft (BB) guns. The FBI took the picture at just the perfect angle to hide this fact, then in trial claimed the picture showed a stockpile of firearms and an Oathkeeper flag. Obviously, they wanted the jury to think I was an extremist that was stockpiling firearms for Civil War, or something – not a veteran that plays airsoft at tournaments. Devious. It’s not a mistake. The FBI took close up pictures of the airsoft guns. They are clearly not real. They had grand jury testimony from Montana stating it was a Ranger flag too. They lied anyway.
And that’s not all! They claimed we were responsible for the damage to the Capitol door, when the damage was done at 2:19 PM – 2:21 PM on CCTV camera footage! By their own admission we didn’t arrive at the Capitol door until 2:41 PM. At 2:41 PM, we were on Pennsylvania Avenue- not even on Capitol grounds – but that didn’t stop them. They lied anyway, Held us responsible. Every day, all day they lied. Over and over and over. Stupid lies– lies we could disprove! And we did! Then it was our turn–we started calling witnesses. What did the government do? Threaten to arrest our witnesses if they testified. Threatened them with life in prison even. People they had no interest in arresting, until they took the witness stand. Some testified anyway, very courageously, I might add. That took guts. Every witness, the ones called by the government or ours– every single one proved we are innocent of Conspiracy. Even an FBI agent had to admit it, despite all their lies. There’s so much more I could say. So many examples of malfeasance and perjury, and all to put 5 innocent people in prison for life for politics. 

This is what justice in America looks like. 

Our DC jury deliberated on their clown show of bullshit for three days. Then they return a verdict. Every single one of us was found NOT GUILTY of Destruction of Government Property. Me, Tom Caldwell, and Kenny Harrison were found NOT GUILTY of Seditious Conspiracy. Kelly Meggs and Stewart Rhodes were found Guilty however. Pause.

Kelly Meggs did not commit Seditious Conspiracy. Period. Full stop. He is on video protecting Officer Harry Dunn, rescuing him, when the crowd was threatening him. So did Kenny Harrelson. They both rescued police officers! Let that sink in. When Officer Dunn took the witness stand, his last words were, “I didn’t need their help… F them!” Ungrateful prick. So here is January 6, for Kelly Meggs in a nutshell:  walk inside the Capitol peacefully, hold a prayer circle in the rotunda, rescue Officer Dunn, help police push people OUT of the Capitol doors, leave peacefully without being told to do so, obeyed curfew, and returned to his hotel. That’s it. I didn’t skip anything. That’s all he did. Sure, He made jokes in texts about he “wanted” to see Pelosi’s head rolled down the stairs”, later, but his actions show his motivations. Help police, obey lawful orders, and pray for America. He was found guilty of Seditious Conspiracy. 

Stewart Rhodes said a lot of crazy crap in interviews or in text messages, but he never went inside. He told people who went inside. “That was stupid.” I didn’t even know he was there. He wasn’t with us. He didn’t do anything violent, nor did he order others to do so, as far as I know, he took some selfies and left. He too was found guilty of Seditious Conspiracy. They are both facing decades in prison. The end result? Political speech can and will be criminalized. If it opposes the Democrats. America cannot survive where speech is no longer protected, where prosecutors and the FBI can collude and lie under oath to obtain convictions. 

What’s sad is that I expected this. The corrupt Biden DOJ, under corrupt and partisan Merrick Garland, working hand-in-hand with a corrupt and partisan FBI; working, lying, and scheming to paint conservatives as domestic terrorists? Say it ain’t so! Who woulda  thunk it? That’s their %1gig! They’d kill 1,000 Ashly Babbitt for that opportunity. The FBI is the American Gestapo. Goons. Unpatriotic. Unamerican. Unconstitutional. To hell with them all. Stormtroopers. Nazi. And going into the trial, expected nothing less. Like the old Parable about the frog and the scorpion. The scorpion hitched a ride across the river on the frog’s back. The frog said if you sting me, we will both die.” Halfway across, the scorpion got scared and stung the frog. As they both sunk below the waves, the frog asked, “Why?” The scorpion said, “I’m a scorpion. It’s my nature.” 

The FBI is a scorpion on American’s back. No more rides.

All that being said. Our DC jury did a partial acquittal and therefore a partial conviction. We are all still facing hard time in prison. We were all found guilty of Conspiracy to Obstruct Congress and Conspiracy–despite the fact that we thought the certification of the election was over before we left the White House Ellipse… (proven by lots of evidence), and despite the fact that EVERY witness–ours and the governments–said that there was no plan! We were often guilty of Obstruction of Congress, despite the fact that they stopped before we got there, and despite the fact that we were only inside for 23 minutes, then we left voluntarily, without being told to do so. When others continued to push their way inside, we did not. We left, eager to obey curfew. I rescued two injured people and stopped vandalism twice. I ask a police officer for directions on where the exit was. On our way out of the city, Police stopped us and frisked us for weapons. I didn’t have my ID but I gave them all my info- accurate info –  anyway gave him a fist bump, and said “God bless you. Thank you for everything you do!” When the FBI raided my house in Ohio, I was in Virginia. I drove 10 hours over five states to turn myself in. I gave them my password to all my emails and accounts. I left my equipment for them as evidence. I did 5 interviews with the FBI–told them everything, held nothing back. And despite my lawful cooperation, my testimony verified, every alibi – they STILL lied about me under oath. Look, I am GUILTY of civil disorder/impeding officers, Trespassing too, (although I had my trespassing charges dropped over a year ago,  inexplicably).

I was protesting in a Senate Hallway and in doing so, I prevented police officers (impeding) from doing their job. I got on the witness stand and said exactly that. I accepted responsibility for my actions, and it was not fun. As a defendant, I don’t have to testify. I certainly don’t have to tell the jury that I’m guilty. But I did. It was the right thing to do, and so I had to suck it up and do it, So I did. But conspiracy? There was no conspiracy. Period. But my jury found us all GUILTY of conspiracy anyway, twice… Somehow. At the end of the day I’m not surprised. Biased Jury, corrupt FBI and DOJ prosecutors? All par of the course.

It’s the conservative/MAGA movement I’m mad at. After 8 weeks of nonstop lies–which we exposed in open court–where are all the conservatives? Our trial is “Mar-a-Lago raid” FBI corruption. Sure, we aren’t President Trump… but we ARE President Trump‘s co-defendants! Donald Trump is being sued, and me with it with him! Because of January 6th! Because of the Oathkeepers! And they lied about us to make it happen. Like I said at the beginning our trial was an epic scandal! And where… the… hell… are… the… conservatives? Where is MAGA? Where is the Republican leadership in Congress? Where is Julie Kelly? Where is Tucker Carlson? Where is Mark Levin? Where is Dan Bongino? Where? Not a peep to be heard…CRICKETS! All I hear is crickets! I miss my pet cricket 🙁 Every single piece of tyrannical Democrat legislation, every unconstitutional Executive Order– hangs its hat on the Domestic Terrorism threat posed by “violent” right-wing extremists like at January 6th! And there is no such thing. It never happened! It’s the BIGGEST LIE! And we exposed it all, and nobody was paying attention. The transcripts are public. The evidence is public. But nobody cares. Our trial corruption could have swayed the Midterm election even, it’s endemic of the ENTIRE problem! Every time they call parents at school board meetings, terrorist, it’s because of Domestic Extremists at January 6th (me). Every time they round up pro-life protesters at gunpoint it’s because of Domestic extremists (me). Every time Paul Pelosi gets clobbered they are nudist with a hammer it’s because of Domestic Extremists (me) at January 6th. Every time there’s a mass shooting – it’s our fault. Every time They try to bar Assault Rifles – it’s because of us. And you best believe that when this corrupt Department of Justice arrests Donald Trump, the first president ever arrested in history, it will be because of us. And he will be arrested, facing high crimes. They will convict him too. This is DC. The hatred for Trump, and his supporters is a religion to the people in this city. They’d sacrifice, (and do) their children, for it. Exposing the scandal of the Oathkeepers trial – the sedition trial– would have destroyed the entire bullshit Democrat narrative. They lied about us under oath! They fabricated evidence! They falsified testimony! They threatened witnesses with a life in prison!

We were helpful–rescuing police, stopping vandalism, rendering aid to injured officers and protesters, helping police evacuate the building, obeying lawful orders, and following the curfew. All of that, every bit of it, was exposed in our trial. Now they intend to indict President Trump based on a lie. I won’t tell you January 6th was some great, hallmark day for America. But what I will tell you, is that they’ve lied about what happened, to mercilessly attack their political opponents.  This won’t stop. In fact, it’s just the beginning. This country is finished if conservatives don’t wake up and put an end to it. But all I hear from conservatives is whining or silence. Thank God for people like you! Patriots! Don’t pray for me, I’ll pray for YOU! The Republicans are failing you. They are failing this country. It makes me sick, all the lives lost–the sea of white crosses in Arlington Cemetery all wasted. Millions who have lost limbs, shot, blown up… for what? For this? If our Founding Fathers had a crystal ball, I can’t help but wonder if they would’ve found the king of England a preferable alternative to this. This is certainly not what I fought for. I pray for America. I pray for you. Sorry the letter has been so heavy. Please share it, People need to wake up. They are killing you, enslaving you… all based on a lie. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the Democrats are drunk on power. Sloppy drunk. I hope to hear from you soon. God bless you, and God good luck out there, You’ll need it.
Sincerely, political prisoner #376520
Jessica Watkins,
December 8, 2022.