Thomas Webster, J6 Defendant and Appellant, is a retired NYPD officer of 20 years, and a former decorated United States Marine. He has been happily married to his wife, Michelle, for 24 years, and has two daughters, the oldest an active duty Marine, the younger a nursing major in college, and one son, a studious rising senior in high school. His family was completely devastated on May 2, 2022, when after less than two hours’ deliberation, a jury convicted Thomas of five felonies, including assault of a police officer with a dangerous/deadly weapon, and one misdemeanor. However, September 1, 2022 was even more difficult for the Webster family, when Judge Amit Mehta sentenced Thomas to 10 years in federal prison, having applied a six-year enhancement for a vest Thomas had been wearing for counter-protester protection and warmth. Thomas self-surrendered to Texarkana FCI in Texas on October 13, 2022 where he is now being held, and shortly thereafter, fired his trial lawyer. His new all-female federal criminal appellate legal team recently filed an over 70-page direct appeal brief containing five distinct arguments on June 13, 2023. The brief can be found on PACER.

Thomas’ story is heartbreaking. All charges the government filed against Thomas stem from an altercation on the Capitol’s West Terrace that lasted mere seconds. The incident was captured on a Capitol security camera and the actual footage can be viewed here. Watch the video. Thomas walked up to the police line, angered that capitol police were attacking and hurting Americans. Clear as day, a Metro PD officer provoked Thomas with hand gestures and lunged over the barricade, punching Thomas hard in the face with an open gloved hand, causing him to stumble backward. In complete shock and pain, in his own defense, Thomas struck the barricade with a USMC flag attached to a pole he had been carrying in honor of his daughter. Thomas never struck the officer and the government does not dispute this. Conversely, the FBI agent who charged Thomas admitted during trial the officer did indeed strike Thomas. A scuffle ensued on the ground, Thomas was punched again and he flipped up the officer’s gas mask. Both men got up and walked away. The officer never reported the incident, and he initially told the government he did not remember the altercation. The officer denies gesturing at or punching Thomas and he claims his hand slipped. The officer did not receive any medical treatment pertaining to Thomas.

During the trial, a detailed discussion of the Metro PD’s officer’s record was not permitted. Unfortunately, the officer had shot and killed a man in May 2021 and had been under investigation. Conveniently, the prosecution announced the investigation had just been closed on the first day of trial. A video containing the officer’s behavior towards protesters just 10 minutes prior to Thomas’ incident was not allowed either, even though he had pushed a female protester to the ground multiple times and had taunted an older gentleman who could not see after having been pepper-sprayed.

Tom’s wife told us:

“My husband, Tom, is a man of faith who loves his family, and dedicated his life to protecting the lives of others.
Our family and friends are prayerful that he will be released from prison and home with us soon.”

Please pray for Thomas and his family. Pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to the appellate judges so they may understand the truth and set Thomas free.

John 14:27
Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives.
Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

Thomas Webster

📬 Thomas Webster
FCI Texarkana
Federal Correction Institution
PO Box 7000
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Has been serving sentence for 287 days.

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