Today, on Dominic’s birthday he is being tortured in solitary confinement in the DC jail. Dominic is a War hero. He sacrificed his life for his country, the country he loves so much.  Now, the government is intentionally torturing him for the same reason, for loving freedom. We need everyone to do more for Dominic and all J6 political prisoners. Please read below a cry for help letter from Dominic’s mom. Call 202-673-7316 and demand they stop the abuse of Dominic.

“I’m not sure if everyone knows but my son Dominic was the only Proud Boy who didn’t get sent to Lewisburg PA. Instead he was moved back to the DC Gulag. He’s been sitting in isolation since Tuesday night. Only gets 1 hour out of his cell. They are messing with his medication and giving him nothing but SOY again. He gets Very sick eating that so he’s not eating. Has No commissary yet. Today he had a bologna sandwich and a piece of corn bread. He told the guard he’s allergic to soy. She said “Everything has soy in it” and walked away. He said he’s so hungry. I’m asking you if you could Please call the jail and tell them what they are doing to him is wrong? I REALLY appreciate your help. God Bless You! 🙏❤️


Dominic Pezzola

📬 Dominic Pezzola
Smart Communications
DC Central Detention Facility
1901 D St. SE
Washington DC 20003

🎂 6/25 🎂

Incarcerated since 1/14/2021
or 892 days.
Currently in solitary confinement