Kristina Malimon spent 2020 campaigning for Trump, including hosting a boat parade in Oregon. On January 6th she came to Washington DC with her mother to the Save America rally. They both ultimately ended up arrested outside the Capital, and charged with unlawful entry onto public property, a District of Columbia offense.

What a difference a day makes. By the time Kristina was returning home, others would be rounded up, but now the hype had grown. With that the FBI took over the roundup and arrest of the others, and the seriousness of the charges increased. Unlike the majority of the Jan 6 defendants who have those federal charges, Kristina was charged in the DC courts for a much less severe, but more fitting charge. Important to note, this is also how the last people to jump barriers and occupy the Capitol grounds were charged during the Kavanaugh hearings, by DC police rather than the FBI. It seems safe to say this was the standard operating procedure. The FBI however, is much more poised at carrying the narrative of insurrection, and the eventual attachment to Trump himself.

Her mothers charges were eventually dropped, but she proceeded to trial. On October 13, 2022 , Judge Neal Kravitz found her guilty of unlawful entry onto public property during a bench trial. He sentenced her to 1 year of probation and 100 hours of community service. If she could have just made it a few more hours without arrest the FBI could of added to their body count and turned that into the long list of statutes they have in their quiver for similar actions.