🇺🇸Letter to US Marshalls 🇺🇸

Melanie Hannon, [Nov 1, 2022 at 9:54 AM]

I am the mother of Andrew Griswold, he is being held In Oakdale Federal Prison Louisiana. He Turned himself in on October 17 and will be there until December 29. My heart breaks as a mother, as he only gets three hours out of his cell per week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In that one hour he must shower, and he can use the telephone, or computer. No cup to drink out of, only using his hands in the faucet. Didn’t get his clothes washed he had to wash them in the shower yesterday.
They tell him that they have a 30 day quarantine coming in to the jail, and going out of the jail is 30 days. Therefore his entire sentence is 75 days so he will be in quarantine the entire time. The hour that he has out is actually less than that, as they don’t allow them the entire time. He has not seen a counselor, as his father was told when he took him. My son only gets an allowance of his own money $25 a week for commissary but it’s only given $12.50 commissary a week. The food is horrible, and he’s freezing. I have called the Marshalls Office with nothing in return, the lady at the desk seemed nice, And assured me that they would call me back. I have heard nothing. My son has five beautiful children, and is obviously not used to this treatment. Prayers would be helpful, thank you all for loving our beautiful J6 prisoners. God prevails.
Andrew’s Mom

U.S Marshal
Louisiana District

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