This country was founded as a Christian nation and it becomes obvious when one drives at night in neighborhoods where Christmas lights and mangers are on display. Of course many Santas adorn lawns as well. Though Santa seems to be secular, we have to remember Saint Nick was a real person who took care of orphans on Christmas day as many charities do.

We wish a Merry Christmas to all.

Our thoughts and prayers especially go to the J6 families whose loved one is currently in jail, many on unconstitutional pre-trial detentions and horrendous conditions. Some other J6ers are serving mostly unfair sentences in various Federal prisons across the country. The separation is painful and the prisoners themselves wish they could be home with their families.

We command The Patriot Mail Project aka PMP for their Christmas drive which was very successful showing the generosity of many donors. The help received during this season was tremendous and the J6 families are so grateful. The PMP will publish their thank you’s.