After battling cancer at the DC Gulag, Bart, a veteran who fought for his country, is finally getting out of the DC Gulag. This is a victory that J6ers and their supporters are excited to celebrate praising God for this positive outcome.

Earlier, the V.A. tried to deny him medical treatment because of his alleged involvement on January 6. “My country knowingly gave me cancer while I was serving in the Marines and is now trying to hinder my cancer treatment because of my patriotism; Semper Fi, ” Mr. Shively stated.

Bart has spent 940 days in the despicable Gulag in DC, abused by guards, receiving inadequate treatment. Bart is a devoted Christian who has trusted the Lord through his daily trial.  Tho he will be missed by his brothers in chain at the DC Gulag they are rejoicing about his departure to the outside world.

The multiple charges that Bart received as in all J6 cases are redundant and overwhelming in order to force a desperate defendant to take a guilty plea that gives the prosecution a victory. Knowing that all but 2 trials returned guilty verdict, it is not a surprise that many defendants under immense pressure will agree to plead guilty to some charge in order to be done with this insanity. Bart plead guilty to a couple of charges and no one is blaming him for it. It was very courageous. He is getting out on time served. Thanks be to God!

Listen to Bart praising God and thanking supporters here.

Please pray for healing and restoration.

Bart Shively

📬 Bart Shively
Correctional Treatment Facility
1901 D St. SE
Washington DC 20003

🎂 03/29 🎂

Incarcerated since 1/19/2021
or 940 days.

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Colleen Kollar-Kotelly

(District of Columbia Court of Appeals, District of Columbia)

Attended Catholic University of America and received a Bachelor’s (e.g. B.A.) in 1965
Well Qualified (1997)