If you have marketing needs as a conservative and are looking to use a mass mailing system, MailOctopus, a company out of the UK is not for you. We wanted to send email to the people who pre-ordered our book and let them know of our launch date, but we early on suspected that we would be rejected with some lame excuse. After we indicated that we were raising money for a charitable cause, their answer seems quite telling. They are fussy they say!  Yep, they are. We encourage you to let them know your thoughts about their rejection of a perfectly legitimate and wholesome project. As we all know most tech companies lean to the left, are woke, and part of the cancel culture. Maybe we can play the same game. Though we are advised to not take it personally, we do!
Thank you Magdalena!


Dear …,

Thanks for bearing with us. I’m sorry to say we weren’t able to approve your new EmailOctopus account.

Please don’t take this personally; as an independent marketing provider, we have to be extra fussy about the emails we allow through our service. Some types of email can negatively impact our reputation, even if you’re complying with our terms of use.

We hope we’ll be able to support you in the future and wish you luck in finding a platform that works for you. If you’ve got any questions about this or anything else, please feel free to reply to this email.

Best wishes,