Last year, we read and heard the famous Letter to America from the DC-Gulag. Today Ramey, an inmate from the Northern Neck, another gulag, addresses our country for a different reason. On his heart is the alarming decay of our society as a whole. This letter is a call to action, a plea for the American people to wake up and do something.
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Dear America, 

It is baffling to me the stranglehold that “urban culture” has on its followers. And before you move to cancel me, I don’t mean any one race. I’m talking in regards to people who rob, kill, rape, and take whatever they want from whoever they want. The parasites that lurk in the shadows to prey upon the weak, who take their belongings, who push them into subway tracks, who attack them with knives and rain down unprovoked, relentless beatings on innocent people, who knowingly sell dangerous doses of illicit substances to the addicts on which they feed. These parasites come in all colors, all shapes and sizes and dwell in most neighborhoods. You can’t trust them with a dollar, much less a young child.


When are we as a society going to call out the culprits same as the psych meds and their firm grip on mass shooters?. These parasites who see incarceration and crime as a lifestyle have a culprit as well. When will we, as a nation, stop blaming America, the Constitution, poverty or police and start to call things for what they are? We must stop fearing cancel culture, stop fearing being labeled a racist, a bigot, a fascist. For has it truly become fascist to say that murder is wrong? That it’s not “cool” selling and using illicit drugs you know may harm the well-being of the buyers and users? Is it bigotted to say robbing someone at gunpoint is criminal and not a lifestyle? Are we the ones guilty of sin for saying “No More!”, for taking a stand and using our First Amendment rights to call this lifestyle for what it is? How many innocent people must be killed? How many elderly people must be robbed? How many cars must be stolen? How many daughters must be raped before we collectively say “This ends now!”

When will we, as a generation, stop idolizing rappers and musicians who embrace disorder and ignorance, who glorify killing thy neighbor, and contribute to generations of fatherless homes? When do we stop hoisting scum to pedestals who believe in the degradation of our mothers and daughters? When do we stop honoring the dishonorable, marketing the murderers, conforming the conformists?


Will we sit back and do nothing while the social norm is quickly becoming to lay back and watch as our youth deteriorates into more hosts for these parasites to feed from? When will we, the people, mentally sober up to the world around us? When will we not only shake the dust from our feet but sharpen the blades of our swords? When will we uncap our pens from our personal journals and write for all the public to know that the time of remaining silent is over!? Millions of pin drops produce mighty BANG!


I blame as well, the Silent Majority because I believe that an overwhelming amount of Americans are decent people. They come from all walks of life. They come in all skin tones. But the time for remaining silent is OVER! I will no longer live in fear. All I need to know now is who is coming with me!?


Barry Ramey, 

J6 inmate, 

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