Prayer Call Day 3
“Trump won and you all know it!” This was the courageous cry of Dominic Pezzola after his sentencing.
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We would like to add – “J6 was a setup, and you all know it! “
Shame on the Biden Regime
Shame on the DOJ
Shame on the complicit judges
Shame on the vindictive prosecutors
Shame on the FBI.
Shame on the fake media
Now you have a knife-wielding ex-prosecutor with murderous intent to prosecute. We are watching what you will do with that.
Pray for the J6ers below.🙏
Joseph Hackett
Stacy Hager
Timothy Hale
Thomas Hamner (reentry program)
Kenneth Harrelson
Johnny Harris
Richard Harris
Joshua Haynes
Donald Hazard
Albuquerque Head
Andrew Hernandez
Joshua Hernandez
Erik Herrera
Kasey Hopkins
Jerod Hughes
Joshua Hughes
Brian Jackson
Shane Jenkins
Douglas Jensen
Justin Jersey
Joshua Johnson
David Judd
Kash Kelly
Josiah Kenyon
Julian Khater
Matthew Krol
Jacob Lang
Nicholas Languerand
Joshua Lollar
Kevin Lyons