Mary Sturgeon is telling us about Isaac’s sentencing and how she feels about the ordeal. The heart of a mother in unmistakably tender towards her son and you can feel her pain through her words. Please pray for this family and well as all the 191 currently incarcerated J6ers. We hope that none of them will have to serve their whole unjust sentence. We pray that someday soon each judge in DC will be held accountable for their corruption, their denial of constitutional rights, their disregard for the truth, and their obstinate delusion concerning election fraud.

May God have mercy on our Republic and “We, the people!”

Judge Royce C. Lamberth was the one proceeding the sentence hearing.

How do I feel as a mother about all of this?

I felt sick to my stomach when we received the call from Isaac that he was in jail after his arrest. When we brought him home with an ankle monitor on, it was a nightmare. To think that our steady son, who owns his business, with no criminal history was now considered a possible felon…!
Of course, it got worse. When it came out on the front page of our small-town newspaper, I remember being by myself crying, and then I hollered in my grief, “Nooo!”. I am a fairly quiet person, not one to holler.
We are thankful that he eventually was allowed to take off the ankle bracelet. With every new development in his case, the front-page news stories continued about him. They persist after over two years of this ordeal…. After all, it’s news!
Our daughters and their husbands are devastated. My husband and I are crushed. It is a nightmare that I used to think I would wake up from, but not so.
We have a good support system and prayer partners with friends and family across the country. Thankfully, our church publicly prays for the situation and is unafraid to speak of it on our behalf. Many friends in our community are sympathetic and respect our son very much.
Some derogatory comments do come indirectly to my ears. It hurts, but over these past two years I sense I am growing stronger because of the Lord’s help in my life. I’m becoming somewhat more accustomed to the front-page news stories! My goal is to be gracious to and pray for those who oppose us. Because of the mercy that God has given me through Jesus Christ, I must extend that to others.
Throughout this horror, we are learning who our true friends are. I have learned to be careful with whom I speak about this. Some people are what I call “safe” and others, not so “safe”.
It is a heavy burden to have hanging over our heads. I remember one morning talking with Isaac. He asked me how I had slept, and I responded that I slept until about three or four in the morning. I asked him how he had slept that night. His response was that he hadn’t.
I know that because of the Lord Jesus Christ there is a special purpose for Isaac. One of my friends turned to me after a church service recently and said, “You and your family have been chosen by God for this.” There is a story in the Bible about how Queen Esther came to the kingdom “for such a time as this”. I have told the Lord that I wasn’t keen on being chosen for all of this! But. He is always good to me and He knows best.
There are many times I still wake up at three or four in the morning and the Lord reminds me…” in everything give thanks.” When my mind is overwhelmed with too many thoughts and worries, I recall this verse, “In the multitude of my thoughts within me thy comforts delight my soul.” Ps 94:19.
I have had difficulty saying the words “prison” and “felon” concerning our son. A beloved friend reminded me to say it, and to wear it as a badge of honor.
I am thankful for my son as he goes to serve our country with his incarceration.
On Tuesday, September 26, 2023, Isaac was sentenced to 6 years in prison. Six years.
It hurts my heart to think of the “last times,” for several years, in Isaac’s life: The last time to enjoy a family meal together. The last time to hike the mountains of his Montana. The last time to enjoy the 4th of July together. The last time for him to be with his girlfriend. The last time to be with his sisters. The last time for me to ride with him on a job. The last time for him to laugh with his dad. The last time to be in church together. For a while.
When my son must enter prison, I will remind him of this verse: “For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.” Isaiah 41:13.
I want to grow from this and, looking back, I can see that there has been some growth. I pray that it will continue.
~~The Mother of a Hero

Isaac Sturgeon

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