About Angel Harrelson

I AM a mother 1st and a WIFE of a POLITICAL PRISONER, his is also known as RETIRED ARMY SGT. Kenneth Harrelson, he has been held for OVER 2.7 (over 960+ DAYS) years now. Just trying to get to the truth and get it out to the public.

We Honor Our J6 Veterans on this Special Day

Things have not changed a lot since last year when we posted this message except 1- for the manhunt going on in NJ. Gregory Yetman, is a former member of the New Jersey Army National Guard! What a shame. He surrendered himself today. This government failed our military in the shameful withdraw from Afghanistan which saw 8 of their men savagely killed, but it has arrested all the men and women listed below. 2- [...]

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November Birthdays-Mark Middleton

We would like to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to  MARK MIDDLETON!  We hope you have a great time celebrating your special day. Just letting you know Mark, we are awesome cause we share the same birthday.. I want you to know, I appreciate all the things you and Jalise have done for the J6er's including the families. Don't stop doing all the good deeds you have been doing for the families and the J6er's.. [...]

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The J6 Families – Angel Harrelson

Life of CONSTANT WORRY for a J6 family member! Life of CONSTANT WORRY for a J6 family member for our loved one that are being held for being wrongly persecuted under this Biden administration/DOJ after being sentenced. Family members, like myself have many worries and questions constantly. We are questioning the authorities, our government, guards of the jails/prisons that our loved one are being held in. Questions that constantly cross our minds, especially mine: When [...]

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Let’s Not Forget the Oathkeepers Who Are Already Incarcerated

Let's not forget about the lies and perjury that were done against the Oath Keepers during their trial in 2022. Capital Police Officer Harry Dunn & Special Agent Lazarus both continue to lie about what happened on #J6! They #LIEDonTheSTAND knowingly and willingly perjuring themselves, even though there is CCTV video footage as evidence. It is to be noticed that there is an FBI 302 where Dunn stated something different than what he is [...]

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