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November Birthdays-Logan Barnhart

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOGAN! We wish Logan a very happy birthday today!! Logan was sentenced to 3 years in prison and need out support and love. His sentenced started a few months ago so please write to him and send him birthday wishes. Logan is a bodybuilder and a model but most importantly he is a true Patriot. Happy birthday 🎈🎉🎂🎁" Bureau of Prisons Mail Guidelines - J6PatriotNews 📬 Logan Barnhart #60216-509 FMC [...]

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August Birthdays – Michael Perkins

Happy Birthday Michael. If you haven't yet, please send this Godly man a birthday card. Michael is an amazing husband, father and friend. Michael's family is asking everyone to pray as his sentencing is Thursday 8/17. "We have peace that passes all understanding. We know our lives are in HIS hands, not the enemies and what ever happens is going to be according to His will. And that’s what we desire, for God’s will to [...]

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August Birthdays – Robert Morss

Happy 30th Birthday, Robert!! Robert will spend his 3rd birthday behind bars. Despite the daily torture and long sentence he received he remains hopeful and positive. Rob is a Godly man and nobody can destroy his spirit. Rob is located in one of the most violent BOP prisons. He is targeted and punished right now by the BOP and may not be allowed to have phone communication or visitors on his birthday. Pray for this [...]

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Life After J6 Trials – Christopher Moynihan

Christopher Moynihan is an intelligent, polite young American Patriot. He is a thinker and always willing to share his knowledge with others. On January 6th he peacefully entered the Capitol and later went into the Senate Chamber causing no problems with the Capitol police who watched the protesters taking pictures and left the Chamber as soon as he was asked to leave by the officers. Chris didn’t engage in physical violence or break anything but [...]

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Life Art J6 Trial – Robert Morss

One of the most egregious sentences handed down by the D.C. kangaroo court was a sentence of 66 months for Robert Morss. Found guilty by the Court on 8/23/22 after trial of obstruction of an official proceeding. Robert is a former Army Ranger who served on three combat tours. At the time of his arrest, he was a high school history teacher. Robert has severe PTSD and has been mentally and physically abused in [...]

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July’s Birthdays – Craig Bingert

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CRAIG!! Everyone, Craig was found guilty by the DC haters/jury and will be sentenced in September. Send him warm and encouraging birthday wishes, and donate a birthday card money to his GSG. Craig is losing his apartment, job and his life has been destroyed by the DOJ. Pray for him and the judge. Happy Birthday, Craig. You are not alone. Stay strong. This nightmare will be over soon. 📬 Craig [...]

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Life After J6 Trials – Erik Herrera

Erik Herrera is a 35 year old Patriot from California. He is a very talented photographer and we need to hire him when he is free again! He has dedicated the last decade practicing photography, and during that time, has also worked with internationally acclaimed artists such as Shlohmo, Reggie Watts, Adan Jodorowsky, and Lil’ Rob. Erik worked throughout Southern California documenting Chicano culture while continuing to grow his body of work. He has [...]

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July’s Birthdays!

As we are about to celebrate our National Holyday , we realized we have a lot of birthdays this month. Our J6ers love to reveive birthday wishes and it really helps them to remember that people are not forgetting them. So we encourage you to send them a card even if it is a belated birthday. We will remind you with a post for each person. Thank you for your support of all J6ers [...]

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Life After J6 Trial – Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams is proud to be an American Patriot and because he didn’t apologize for his January 6th protest, he received 5 years in prison. Anthony didn’t take the plea offered to him by the DC swamp. During his jury trial the prosecutors said, “Williams’ participation in the riot was purposeful, extensive, enthusiastic, and remorseless.” Anthony called January 6th the “proudest day of my life.” He added that it “felt like the founding fathers [...]

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June J6 Birthdays – Dominic Pezzola

Today, on Dominic's birthday he is being tortured in solitary confinement in the DC jail. Dominic is a War hero. He sacrificed his life for his country, the country he loves so much.  Now, the government is intentionally torturing him for the same reason, for loving freedom. We need everyone to do more for Dominic and all J6 political prisoners. Please read below a cry for help letter from Dominic's mom. Call 202-673-7316 and [...]

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