“A Tale of an American Political Prisoner”

Part 3.3: Butler County Jail; Cincinnati, Ohio

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Text Messages, Emails, Video/Audio, Court Documents and Testimony.

Prior to being returned to my cell, after my ice cold shower, a Sheriff asked if I wanted to make a phone call. I didn’t think he was in any way obliged to do so; frankly I think he was being nice to me. I hadn’t made a call since the day I was brought into that s***hole. Not that I hadn’t asked for a phone call, mind you. Every day during my 4 days in the torture cell, I had begged the Sheriffs over and over to let me call my pseudo-Public Defender Attorney, and I was always denied. The Sheriffs claimed I “…might threaten [my] attorney on the phone”. In reality? I assume that they didn’t want me to tell my attorney what was happening to me; what they were actively doing to me that very moment. So when the polite Sheriff offered to let me make a quick phone call, the smart move would have been to call my attorney right then and there. Instead, all I could think to do was to call Montana. I sobbed, and broke on the phone as I relayed what had been done to me. I cried, “they… they TORTURED me, Montana! They f***ing tortured me in here!” He was shocked, horrified at what I told him. I explained the whole situation and I could hear the anger behind his silence, but there was literally nothing he could do. Even today, we both look on my stay in Butler County Jail as a dark time. As one of the worst moments; it would not be an outlier. Despite all this, he had good news to relay before our brief phone call ended.

There’s an “old timey” phrase, from (I think) the late 1800’s or maybe early 1900’s. That saying is “A Grand Jury could Indict a ham sandwich.” In other words, a Grand Jury seems important; seems like an austere lofty function. In reality, there is no Defense Attorney present, no Cross Examination, no Witnesses for the Defense, no Exculpatory Evidence or Alibis. The FBI and the Prosecution has a free hand to hide evidence, manipulate testimony, falsify documents, and all behind closed doors. A Grand Jury is so manipulated; so easily swayed that it can be convinced that a ham sandwich committed a robbery. Furthermore, if you’re lucky… LUCKY… then a Judge can release the transcripts of the Grand Jury testimony. So when I say that the Grand Jury dismissed HALF of my charges, that will tell you how FAKE… how BASELESS my charges were. Hours before I was taken out of the hell-cell in the Butler County Jail, my Grand Jury had convened. By the time they finished, they had dismissed half my charges, including “Violent Entry” and “Conspiracy to Injure or Maim Police Officers”. My charges were so half-assed, so FALSE that even my Grand Jury had to toss the charges out. Even THEY knew I was innocent. Hours later, I was taken out of my glass torture cube, given my clothes back, given a shower and a phone call. I almost collapsed from the news. I KNEW I was innocent. I NEVER, EVER… not in 10,000 YEARS… would have considered harming a Police Officer. Certainly, not Conspiring to do so! During the BLM riots, every text in my phone was “…I want to render aid to the injured Officers…” It was such a provably false charge, that it was not only wrong, but INFURIATING that I had been charged at all. I am the person who runs into danger to RESCUE Police. The Grand Jury, despite all the attempts by the Prosecution, agreed.

***OPINION*** I believe that my mistreatment ended when the Grand Jury dismissed my charges. I am convinced the two were connected. I do NOT think that it was a coincidence that the Grand Jury dismissed my charges of Violent Entry and Conspiracy to Injure or Maim Police Officers, and then hours later I was taken out of that glass booth. I am 100% convinced the two are connected. I think the cops running that jail took one look at my charges and said “F*** this person” and that my mistreatment was immediate and swift. To any Liberal with two brain cells to rub together (all four of you), THIS is why we have the Bill of Rights. Innocent Until Proven Guilty means JUST THAT. In your post-Socialist worldview; of an America without a Constitution; THIS is how a tyrannical government can run roughshod over a person. To quote George Orwell from 1984, “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stepping on a [person’s] face.” My mistreatment happened in a Constitutional Republic, where I am endowed with inalienable human rights and have protection under the Bill of Rights. If that can happen to me HERE, what do you think your Communist utopia would have done to me? Once your Marxist ideals come to fruition, what do you think THOSE cops would do to someone charged with crimes like mine? They would have strapped me to a chair and ripped out my teeth… put a cigarette out in my eyeball… put me against a wall and SHOT me. My torture was minor compared to what a Communist can do. This is just one reason why the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were a stroke of genius; why our Founding Fathers wanted to protect us from tyranny; why I love America.

After I was returned to AdSeg, I would be there less than a day before I was told to pack up. I couldn’t be happier when Butler County Jail was in the review mirror. I was dressed back into my same (now very dirty) civilian clothes and handcuffed on my broken arm. The pain was almost unbearable, but there was nothing to do but suck it up and suffer. Soon my prisoner transport was along the tarmac of a massive industrial airport. After what felt like hours, we were led, our chains jingling, into a large plane known as Con-Air. Harrison Ford wasn’t there, but a plane load of hostile looking inmates stared down the aisles past me. Facial tattoos, knuckle tattoos, more tattoos than I’d ever seen in my life. Probably half a million dollars worth of ink sat in crappy airplane chairs held together with duct tape. I felt very out of place, and they looked at me and quite literally asked me “You don’t look like you belong here. What What are you a ChoMo [child molester] or something?” I shook my head, “No, I am here for the January 6th thing, you know the riot at the Capitol Building that was just on the news…” They stared at me like I was crazy. “You’re here for a riot? Did you kill someone?” I shook my head. “No, actually I stopped people who were breaking stuff, and rescued some hurt people.”

They replied, “DAMN! They must really hate Trump people.” Yes. Yes they do.