“A Tale of an American Political Prisoner”

Part 8.1: The DC Gulag; Washington, DC

–Long Nights & Exhaustive Research–

by: Jessica Watkins (X: @J6ssicaWatkins)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Text Messages, Emails, Video/Audio, Court Documents and Testimony.

I bid Shelli Peterson farewell. No harm, no foul. She really was a sweetheart, and I do think she cared about me as a person. I just feel like her biases against January 6 and Trump supporters was so deeply ingrained into her psyche that she was unwilling to see the evidence; that J6 was a setup; that I was innocent of the crimes that her DOJ friends had charged me with. She couldn’t wrap her head around the fact I was innocent. To her, simply being AT January 6th was a crime. She believed the narrative by CNN, MSNBC and the Washington Post; that I was “attempting to steal her vote”. But I was (and still am) innocent. Not only was I not trying to “steal votes”, but I did not violate the Statutes of which I was charged. My Indictments were filled with blatant, whole-cloth lies. Seditious Conspiracy? Even my DC JURY could see I was innocent of that. Destruction of Government Property? Same story. I was on another street, half a mile from the Capitol at the time when the damage occurred. Plus, when I DID get there, I STOPPED vandalism! Conspiracy and Obstruction? Not only no, but HELL NO! As video/audio, texts and social media post show: I thought the Certification of the Election was over before I left the Ellipse. How can someone “Conspire” to “Obstruct” something they believe is over? Nevermind the fact that it would be counterproductive to “Obstruct” the LAST CHANCE WE HAD to contest/reject the results of the 2020 Election. What would Obstructing OUR OWN OBJECTIONS even achieve? It didn’t (and doesn’t) make sense. But in her head… I was guilty. And also a racist, somehow, despite the fact that I rescued of roughly a dozen Black Lives Matter protesters. So as nice as Shelli was, she had to go. I needed to win my case in trial.

I felt much better once I had hired Jonathan Crisp as my attorney. For starters, he was in the Army. he understands things like “veterans use military jargon (which sounds scary to civilians) in everyday speech” and that we would readily “fight off an invasion force from China”. Second, he could come at my case with fresh eyes; to look at the evidence and compare it against the criminal complaint. Third… he wasn’t a DC Socialite; his perspective and opinion isn’t going to parrot the Liberal narrative inside the DC Beltway. Lastly, I had spent the last year reviewing my case. Looking at my evidence. I KNEW I could walk him through the evidence and point directly to the relevant Discovery to prove my innocence. I wrote a 100 page, hand written document (with maps) to show PRECISELY where I was, what I did, and why I was there. It took me a month, and I worked on it 12-14 hours per day, every day, until I finished it. But this was just the start. In the DC Gulag, we had what were known as “educational tablets”. They had a limited entertainment value, but offered GED classes and such. Mostly it served as a Liberal Reeducation Program — a lot of 1619 Project bull***, LGBTQ+ indoctrination, CRT, Environmentalist Green New Deal bulls***… it was a tool to push the DC Inmate population toward a Liberal mindset. A lot of the “Podcasts” equated us January 6 people to the KKK and such, or attacked President Trump for inciting Insurrection and undermining Democracy. You know. Leftist bulls***, and LOTS of it. But, one thing the tablets were equipped to do… was to give us January 6 Defendants access to video footage from that fateful day.

The tablet had access to Evidence.com, which held the trove of the highly coveted 41,000 Hours of BodyCam Footage, and Capitol CCTV footage. And so it began! It was a tool that would enable us to PROVE EVERYTHING! That J6 was a setup, that the American people had been lied to, that the truth was being deliberately withheld, and that J6 was a coverup of epic proportions. As soon as the tool became available, we started to peel back the J6 onion. Soon, everyone in C2B was pulling videos and writing notes. It was incredible what we saw. We found coverups of Police brutality. We found that Officers and Agents were lying about their whereabouts; it captured violence against peaceful protesters by the Police; It captured suspicious individuals coordinating with Police and then going out into the crowd to incite violence; it captured “coiled earpieces” and suspicious individuals speaking into their sleeve; it captured strange individuals showing up, pulling aside fencing, and then disappearing like smoke on the wind ;it captured Officers violating orders ; it captured provocateurs changing clothes; it captured Police letting people into doors; it captured Police beating old women, pushing people off balconies, macing themselves, throwing DOZENS (if not hundreds) of stingball and teargas grenades into peaceful crowds … it captured widespread violence by Police that’s difficult to even imagine. January 6th was not only NOT a riot. it was likely the largest incidence of unnecessary, unprovoked, widespread Police brutality in American history. Lastly; the footage exposed that January 6th was a coverup. Not only a big lie, but one on par with the stolen election. It was being used to seize Political power much like the Reichstag Fire; an American version of Tieneman Square – complete with Government censorship. And ALL of us Political Prisoners knew it and we bent all our efforts into proving it.

Again, I spent 12-14 hours per day (sometimes more) compiling notes. ACCURATE notes. I wrote down timestamps, camera angles, Officer names… I did the heavy lifting of putting together the TRUTH about January 6th, all of it. And I wasn’t alone. Everyone in C2B was doing the same. Hardly a day went by, where we weren’t doing exhaustive research. What we were finding is that America had been lied to; far worse than any of us (who were there) could have imagined. The entire Pod was abuzz! We were seeing J6 from the vantage of the Police, and we were finding that it was a tragedy of epic proportions. Not because J6 was a riot… sure that happened in a few places, and rioting is bad… but because the Police instigated everything. Many of them were enjoying the mayhem they wreaked on the innocent; Officers like Sergeant Thau, running around bragging after he injured innocent people with tasers, grenades and batons. Furthermore, four innocent people were killed, two of them brutally and senselessly. America was waking up, but not fast enough. What was worse, our hands were tied by Protective Orders and we were unable to share what we’d found with the world. So, instead we shared it with our attorneys. This was a fight that would need to be put on display in the courtroom. And so we built our defense; knowing we would never receive fair trials; knowing that if we took Plea Deals that we would never have the opportunity to show the truth in detail. The 41,000 Hours of footage was still being withheld from the American people, but by throwing our lives into the wheat thresher that was the DC Courtroom, we were giving ourselves a venue to expose the truth.