I want to personally take the time to thank everyone who has supported us with prayer, with words of encouragement and with treasure. You have no idea how it is to read the little quotes that everyone sends. To know someone is offering up prayers on our behalf on my behalf, well, I mean, it’s very humbling.

Today my friend Kyle starts his trial. They took him out of here early this morning. I would ask that you all join me in fasting and prayer for him. Marshall Neefe is being sentenced tomorrow, as well, so please keep him lifted up, as well.

We have had our tablets taken , our phones turned off because these people, our jailers, are afraid of Ashli Babbitt’s mom and CAPP protesting outside the jail for the last couple of weeks. We can see them from our cells. We flash our cell lights as we sing the anthem, so they can see us. It’s been very special to me to write to Micki, Ashli’s mom, and to talk with her on the phone. We are all in this together. We are all one big Jan6 family, but we are also citizens of this country and citizens in the Kingdom.

My trial date has been pushed back until March 13th of 2023. 7 months out. Many of the men will be gone to prison or hopefully home by then. The next few months will see some serious changes here and across our nation. We are all excited about the potential for the Red Wave. Its just hard to imagine our elections will go any differently if we haven’t gotten rid of voting machines and the mail in ballot issue.

We hope to see a 100 seat sweep in congress and the senate. We also hope to see the FBI exposed for their dark deeds. We pray for courage for whistleblowers to step forward from there and expose what they have done to us and to even Mr. Trump. This is not a time to straddle the fence or play it safe. Today we must live with a spirit of courage and know that its not for us; it’s for the future of this nation. Is the salvaging of this Republic worth my livelihood? Worth my job? Worth me being banned from social media or my social club or country club? People have to stand! We have to stand and call out darkness where it stands. We have accommodated it too long. We’ve allowed it to take hold like a vine and now it’s trying to strangle us. I am so grateful for the love, for the courage, and for the generosity you have all shown me. I cannot wait to hopefully meet you all, to sing with you all, to pray with you all, to celebrate here, or in eternity. May God bless all of your families and may He show Himself to you in a greater and more evident way than ever before.

Your friend and brother in Christ, Shane Jenkins