This article was originally posted on our Telegram channel on 8-1-2022

Since then, the President of the United State’s private property was raided by the FBI. So this post was kind of prophetic.

If they did it to all the J6ers with not much of a reaction from anyone,

it is not surprising that they would to it to President Trump.

As Guy Reffitt is being sentenced today, let us not forget that the plan is to come after all of YOU!

It is not just Guy Reffitt’s sentencing that is happening today. It is the sentencing of the American People for contesting an election. It is Shock and Awe at its finest.

It is the way an illegitimate government silences their opponents. History repeats itself.

Is President Trump the next to be arrested, jailed, and denied due process as well? Is a fake trial in a decidedly biased city in the works? And if this happens, what are the consequences for our Republic?

Wake up America, your future is at stake.

And yes, they will come for YOU, next! You cannot hide, you cannot reason.

They are actually changing definitions – 1984 is upon us full force. Wilson, you must comply!

All that the American people want is fair elections and we cannot assume this will ever happen again.

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