To one and all! Now what are you going to do America? Two more years of this God Dam ass hat is going to ruin America! Hello! The hand of reality is bitch slapping you! Now what? What will you do when they come for you? This current administration wants to give me life for J6. “. Oh , Jeff. They won’t do that., We love each other, we hug and kiss, your being an alarmist”. No? Its like the movie, ” Midnight Express” in here. what makes you think Judge Nichols’s won’t give me 20 years? This city just voted Bowser back in. DC is a shit hole! Grab your balls America!! Fetterman for PA!? That god dam retard can’t tie his shoe w\o falling into his soup bowel! Aaaaahhhh! Tell my children I’m sorry! Dad might not make it home for Christmas this year! I am a political prisoner. I guess its better that it happen to me than you. You have a mortgage and a lawn to mow……..


youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUIPMREHgttnIe39594TrBw

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