If you are a J6er and have been sentenced, it is most likely that you had to pay a certain amount for restitution even though you did not damage anything or encourage anyone to do so. Possibly this is unconstitutional and should be delt with. You might want to ask your lawyer to investigate the possibility to have this removed from your sentence. The fact that judges and prosecutors pretend that your being on Capitol ground makes you automatically responsible for damages that may have occurred is quite bold.  Since when people are deemed responsible for others’ behavior. Do they mean to say that if your neighbor spray paint your other neighbor’s house you should be liable too because you live on the same street and you were walking your dog that night? It seems that their  argument for restitution should be challenged. If they are going to ask for restitution from the 950 people they have arrested so far, should they also contact the 1 to 3 millions people who were there to foot the bill? They do have those addresses since several banks like Bank of America gave them your data as you know.

Let’s watch if any lawyer challenges this in the near future!
We wonder how much restitution ANTIFA members have been sentence to pay!

Bank of American is on our Hall of Shame post.

Does it look like these peaceful protestors damaged anything and should be liable for what a few did? These few could be Antifa too by the way.

Antifa “peaceful protests” – How much do they owe?