Now that Thanksgiving is over, it is time to think about Christmas! I can already smell the spices and see the tree lights in my mind though I still need to decorate a tree.
Please support the Patriot Mail Project as they seek to give J6er families a good Christmas while their father, mother, husband, wife, son or daughter is incarcerated. Other families who are not in jail currently also have financial issues due to losing their job because of J6 and those who can work are struggling to raise money for their legal fees. They all need help.

You can donate for the families but do not forget to send Christmas card to the J6ers as well! Thank you!

Please check each prison’s website before you send a card as some prisons do not accept cards. You might be able to photocopy a card instead and send that plain paper. There are now 28 different prisons where J6ers are.