As proven by a video shared by  the evidence is glaring in your face. We hope that the defense will be able to get them exonerated and get real justice!

When asked by CNN “Did the Proud Boys have a plan to go into the Capitol?” Enrique Tarrio responded “Absolutely not.”

When asked by Bobby Pickles about the J6 Proud Boys Plan, Joe Biggs responded “We’re gonna _____ get everybody together and kind of – you know cruise around and see what’s going on – kind of get a good feel for the day – find out about what events are happening tonight around the time when the sun starts to go down because we know that’s when antifa likes to go out and start ____ attacking people as they leave – as we saw last night in some areas – so we want to try to go ahead and do as much risk mitigation as we can – find the areas that we need to get located at – and try to uh you know – protect some of these people.”

When asked by Citizen Journalist Pam “Maga Granny” Hemphill “Are we going inside? I want to go inside.” Ethan Nordean responded “No, we’re not going inside.”