Today we conclude our series about our call to prayer for the J6 prisoners who are incarcerated. There are 191 as of today. The number varies as some are released and some others are starting their sentence. We will try to keep our readers posted on the changes.

Next call to prayer will be for those who are free but have their case pending.

For more information, please follow @Invetigatej6 on X for the many details of police violence and where a large amount of J6 information resides and well as fundraisers.
Watch the trailer for the soon to be released documentary here.

Andrew Taake
Henry (Enrique) Tarrio Jr.
George Amos Tenney
Jacob Therres
Isaac Thomas
Devlyn Thompson
Dustin Thompson
Edward Vallejo
Hector Vargas
Shelly Varney
Erik Scott Warner
Jessica Watkins
William Watson
Matthew Jay Webler
Thomas Webster
Jack Whitton
Ricky Chris Willden
Anthony Williams
Riley Williams
Timothy Williams
Duke Wilson
Shane Wood
John Wright
Isaac Yoder
Jurlina Zvonimir