Imagine the sacrifice these guys have made in their devotion to the Land of The Free and The Home of the Brave to find themselves to be the target of the Biden DOJ! All they wanted is the constitutional redress of their grievances. They were peaceful, then the police attacked them. It was a setup!
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Watch the trailer for the soon to be released documentary here.

Joseph Padilla
Robert Palmer
Michael Perkins
Dominic Pezzola
Michael Pomeroy
Mark Ponder
Shawn Price
Joshua Pruitt
Mahailya Pryer (reentry program)
Anthony Puma (reentry program)
Chris Quaglin
Barry Ramey
Guy Reffitt
Zachary Rehl
Stewart Rhodes
Howard Richardson
Thomas Robertson
James Robinson
Michael Roche
Jonathan Rockholt
Daniel j Rodriguez
Moises Romero (reentry program)
Greg Rubenacker
Jerry Ryals (reentry program)
Jeffrey Sabol
Ryan Samsel
Robert Sanford
Ronald Sandlin
Deborah Sandoval
Salvador Sandoval
Troy Sargent
Peter Schwartz
Daniel Scott
Christian Secor
Hunter Seefried
Kevin Seefried
Grayson Sherrill
Thomas Sibick
Geoffrey Sills
Glen Mitchell Simon
Mikhail Slye
Charles Bradford Smith
Thomas Smith
Audrey Southard
Hatchet Speed
Peter Stager
Shelly Stallings
Devin Steiner
Tristan Stevens
John Strand