It has been a 1000 days.

In the morn of January 6th
A joyous crowd gathered in expectation.
The call of God took them there.
Some had dreams telling them to go.
Some had strong impressions they should go.
They hesitated sometimes but still went.
It has been a 1000 days.

The crowd was enormous.
The atmosphere was amazing.
There was electricity in the air.
It was so cold yet so warm.
Songs of praise were filling the air.
Prayers were offered to God.
Others were chanting USA, USA
Or Stop the Steal.
It has been a 1000 days.

They stood on a step.
They stood on a lawn.
They felt there was hope.
For justice to be done.
For truth to be revealed.
It was peaceful yet turbulent.
The sea of people was oscillating.
Too big to see its borders.
It has been a 1000 days.

Flags were flying in red, white, and blue.
Yellow, white, and green.
An appeal to heaven
Trump 2020
They were there more for their country
than for the man who spoke at the ellipse
They were there to ask for the redress
of their grievances the Constitution provided
Far from them was the thought
That their plea would be trampled upon.
It has been a 1000 days.

Peacefully waiting they were.
When the police started the vicious attack.
Tear gas, rubber bullets and flash bangs
Started to fly with no warning.
Angered at this undeserved and heinous act.
They moved forward and reacted.
Adrenaline filling their body.
Some tried to escape but were trapped.
It has been a 1000 days.

At the hand of criminal Michael Byrd
Beautiful veteran Ashli Babbitt died.
Rosanne could not be rescued
Despite many trying their best
To save her from murderous Lima Morris.
Kevin Greyson and Benjamin Phillips died too.
Four Trump supporters on January 6th.
But no police died that day.
They could not save them.
It has been a 1000 days.

The violence by the police was horrendous.
The anger from Patriot mounted.
It was a setup many thought.
But now we know it really was.
Ray Epps incited the crowd.
Enter the Capitol he said.
Other undercover agents did the same.
The chaos was great.
People were fearful for their lives.
It has been a 1000 days.

Later on the other side it was quiet.
People entered the Capitol with no hindrance.
For that many were charged with trespassing.
How can it be a trespass when police wave you in?
They walked here and there.
They picked trash in plastic bags.
They took selfies to remember.
It has been a 1000 days.

That day was the beginning.
Anti-terrorism task forces invaded homes.
Terrorizing wives, children, parents and neighbors.
Pointing lasers on the chest of little children.
Braking doors with battering rams
Blocking video camera to do their evil deeds.
Innocent men were taken in handcuffs from their families.
It was like the German gestapo.
It has been a 1000 days.

We wear black today.
In support of all J6ers who are unjustly punished
To protect an illegitimate government.
They wanted the redress of their grievances.
Instead, they got the heavy hammer of tyranny.
It has been a 1000 days of horror.

Families are broken apart.
J6ers are torture in the jails,
Being denied medical attention,
Being beaten and kept in solitary confinement.
But their resolve has not faded.
They sign the national anthem every night,
With supporters waving flags at the vigil.
It has been a 1000 days.

God will vindicate his people.
He will expose the truth.
The lies always come to light.
It has been a 1000 days and we want Justice.

Be brave patriots.
Be brave wives and mothers.
A time will come when you will be free.
You will never be forgotten.
It has been a 1000 days. 

We are wearing black
To show we care.
Our tears run down our faces
Our hearts hurt for our political prisoners.
Our hearts ache for their families
It has been a 1000 days. 

Mourn oh America
For the Republic and your people
May justice come.
And may God be glorified.
It has been a 1000 days.