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Google (Android 12L)JEFF MCKELLOP 10/22/22

Hell yes! Stay in the fight.
“The Hole” hopefully the commissary girl doesn’t smash my crap again this week!
Last night I could hear the shift sergeant talking about Ultra MAGA and how whites are fu*king up his game. This establishment hates whites! Plan and simple. Not a single person is looking into the bull shit accusations of assault.
I put in a grievance form. Female guard took it from my cell, walked over to the table, sat down to read it. Started chuckling to her self, grabbed her friend to show it. Both smiled and giggled a bit then put it in the out box. No action will be taken on it.
I went to speak with the case manager about unlocking my tablet to receive funding. Both women were at the terminal no mask on. (African american, one had a burka ). I walk in, they put theirs on quickly, start yelling at me about my face diaper. After I leave, I watched as they removed theirs again. There were other black men in the office. No face rag! Man! The racist bull shit is deep! Inmates here yell stupid shit! “If there were more blacks at J6, there would’ve been more death. Whites boys are this, are that, honky cracker mother fu*ker.” On and on. DC has its population brain washed. This is a page out of ” 1984 George Orwell” man oh man. I hope I live to see my children again.

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