Chris is an Army Veteran-Iraq Vet who served honorably. His military carrier is amazing:

  • Operation Iraqi Freedom 07-08′ enlisted 05-11,
  • global war on terror medal,
  • Iraqi freedom medal,
  • army achievement medal.
  • Artillery.

Many of us know that the government has been fabricating charges and many articles have come out confirming these nefarious deeds during several high-profile cases like the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys. Chris’s case is no different. The police used lethal force and struck him on the head and ignored his plea for help for Officer Sicknick who was experiencing some visible health problems. The FBI and prosecution lied. Judges are being complicit or so blinded by the media propaganda that they let the lies continue and serve unbelievable harsh sentences is most cases. DC will never have a fair trial for any J6ers. We even just learned that jury selection is rigged as the court recycles jurors. This has never been done before. Not only that, but the jury pool comprised of 96% of Biden supporters is also tainted by the media and is far from being a jury of their peers. Jurors have all been seen on their phones checking for information about the defendants they are about to make a life-changing decision for.

Chris was sentenced to seven years of prison by the very unjust and biased Judge Christopher Cooper, a Barak Obama appointee. (see case here).

Alberts’s fiancée, Melissa, sent us this message:

Please write Chris to remind him his sacrifice isn’t forgotten. He needs all the love and encouragement from we the people to make it through!
Here is the link to write Chris.

All J6ers who are incarcerated tell us how much letters mean to them. We want to thank the Patriot Mail Project for the support they give to J6ers and their families.

Please pray for Chris has he suffers several medical issues stemming from his military service and his injury at the Capitol. Which we know will never be properly investigated.

*Sicknick died the next day of several strokes. Let us not forget that the media wrongfully placed his death on January 6th and attributed his demise to having been hit with a fire extinguisher which was completely false. VTC videos demonstrated that Sicknick was walking, well alive, in the Capitol building later that day. If the police had listened to Chris Alberts and given him medical attention, it is possible that he would be alive today.

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Chris Alberts

📬 Chris Alberts
FCI Elkton
Federal Correctional Institution
Lisbon, OH 44432

🎂 7-22 🎂

Has been serving sentence for 24 days.

Portrait of Christopher Reid Cooper

Judge Christopher Cooper

Appointed By: Barack Hussein Obama II
Selected By: President Obama on Jan. 6, 2014
Confirmation Date: March 26, 2014
Born: 1966 in Mobile, Alabama
Race: Black or African American
Gender: Male
ABA Ratings: Well Qualified (2014)