According to the DOJ, both Kristina Malimon and Earl Glosser shouted insults at officers attempting to secure the area. So now shouting at officers is a criminal offense. Unbelievable. Has the DOJ ever heard of the 1st Amendment? We wonder how many Antifa members have been charged equally!? Remember the left keeps on demanding equity, so we are wondering why those who beat police and destroyed property during the summer of 2020 are not getting the same treatment. If is well documented that their charges are being dropped by corrupt and biased judges. This indeed is a political witch hunt.

Earl Glosser is from North Carolina. He was arrested on 1/6/21. It is not clear why he was indicted with Kristina Malimon. It is clear however that the DOJ does whatever it wants in order to silence the opposition to the current administration while the media claims there was no fraud for the past Presidential Election despite the many proofs gathered since then. See below links to the Professor Record and Joe Oltman very important channels on Telegram regarding election fraud.

Earl Glosser chose to have a bench trial with judge Neal E. Kravitz in which he was found guilty.

Interesting case. See our post on Kristina Malimon.

Charge: Unlawful entry onto public property
Bench Trial: Found guilty on 10/13/22
Sentenced the same day to 6 months of incarceration with execution of sentence suspended as to all. The final sentence was one year of probation, 100 hours of community service, and a $500 restitution.
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