Darrell Neely is a new J6 political Prisoner held in the NN, VA jail. His family is not around to support him. “At current the only support I receive is from the J6 community because mine have experienced the grip of the government and that grip crushed my mom and aunt in a very devastating way”- Darrell.

Darrell is a very talented, well-spoken writer. His author name is D.F.Neely. D. F. Neely is a new and upcoming book author of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Crime, Romance, Adventure and Poet with a universal name and an imagination to attract readers of all ages. The author of three books, his first Anthology Series Children of Brawol: Drulian Saga of Rebirth, Epimethean Calling and Poetry Of A Beating Heart. He is also a radio show host on his network and looks forward to the day he returns to radio and public speaking. Darrell’s favorite thought is “Life is mine through the actions given to me through free will and even greater experiences.”

Please send this Patriot encouragement letters and support him in any way you can.  Keep Darrell in your prayers.

Darrell Neely
Northern Neck Regional Jail
PO Box 1060
Warsaw, VA 22572